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Demonic Presence In Home

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Demonic Presence In Home
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Demonic Presence In Home
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I've lived in the same house for twenty years, its an older house from the 1880s. The house has been known to have a few (about three or so) ghosts that wander around the house and yard. But there has always been a horrible presence in our basement. So much that we only go down when necessary. We've had plumbers run out of our basement saying there was something very wrong down there.

A few months ago, I decided to try to get on video the things that are downstairs. When I got downstairs with the camera weird stuff started happening, like footsteps and shadows. I stood down there and tried to speak to something. I said "Why are you here?" and then there was heavily footsteps on one side of the basement coming too me. I ran up the stairs and locked the door.

When I calmed down, I watched the video, but it was skipping like crazy and weird figures were appearing in the background, as well as heavy breathing or growls besides my own breathing.

Ever since, I've been seeing things that are quite scary in the house, mostly at night. I feel like these things are out to get me. I feel them watching me all the time, even know. And I see them standing out of the corner of my eyes. Needless to say it scares the fuck out of me and I DON'T want them in my home.

I'm very experinced with ghosts, but these things are something else...Something evil.
I'm not sure what to do. So please, if you have any ideas, help me with this. I seriously feel scared for my life.
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Re: Demonic Presence In Home
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The first thing you need to do is CALM DOWN.
Fearing such things is the exact opposite thing you should be doing.

I lived in the exact same situation when I was younger. I spend 15 years in that house. We broke down a wall during remodeling and actually found holy pictures and a rosary IN the wall. So obviously they knew they were building over something bad. As I said in other posts, my house had been built over the property of an old burned down church and graveyard. Yeah...not so happy spirits there, and I grew up in the house.

My first endeavors in magick were protection because, as you, I felt very threatened by the spiritual presences in the house, especially the basement. I once heard clawing at my basement door, my mother thought it was our cat, until I pointed out that the cat was sleeping on our couch. I knew then I wasn't dealing with ordinary spirits.

What you first need to do is bless and seal off the entire house EXCEPT the basement. Use sweetgrass and white sage to smudge the house. Or frankencense incense. Go to every window, doorway, mirror, drain and vent, make sure to seal those too. Use something like oil or a mark of some sort that remains there. Basically, set up a boundary so that they cannot move up when you remove them from the basement.

Protect yourself with the strongest protection you can muster. If you know anyone else who will do this with you, have them protect themselves as well. Don't just cast magick, the protection MUST be on something physical. Spiritual beings cannot touch physically based magick. Wear the object.

Grind one cup of sea salt, half cup of peppercorns and 1/4th cup dried white sage. Grind the salt and pepper by hand as you burn the sage. Pray either psalm 91 or a pagan prayer against evil as you do this. Add the sage, ashes and all, into the mix (after extinguished). And mix that in.

Now take clove, garlic and basil and mix it into olive oil (or whatever cooking oil you have on hand). Pray over this as you prepare it.

Cleanse and purify all herbs, salt and oil individually before adding them together.

Take the prepared exorcism salts and oil and go to the basement. Be sure to close the door behind you.

Now go down there in the DAYLIGHT. Turn on every light you can down there. This is for your sake, nothing magickal about it.

Open all the windows, screen and all if possible. *very important*

Pick one window (preferrably back of the house) but if you only have one window that opens, use that one. This will be the last room you move to.
Start from the opposite room.

Pray, recite any banishment you desire, but most importantly, sprinkle the salts in every corner of the rooms liberally. Take the oil and mark every wall with either a banishing pentegram or a cross (your preferrence). Work widdershins (counterclockwise) from the open window or door (whichever is available). When you are done, if there is a window, close it and mark it (you can sprinkle the salt over the window ledge as well). Leave the room, close the door and mark it, or if there is no door, mark the threshold. Work forward in this way toward the last exit (open window) you have designated the last point.

Make the last room the grand finale. Be loud, be stern. Say your prayer or banishment chant and really show authority. Continue to do this until the room feels lighter. This means they have left. It cannot go up because you have blessed and sealed upstairs. You have trapped it in the last room, and now its only exit is the window. Mark and salt the window ledge and close the window.

Now take the salts and lightly sprinkle it as you walk around your property widdershins. (Don't do this on dirt it will kill plants and vegetation). Continue your prayer/chant. Mark the outside of your front and backdoor and any windows you open. This will prevent it from returning.

Do not back down from this, no matter what happens. Be confidant in your protections. And if you feel overwhelmed, go back into one of the already blessed rooms and wait until you can recover and try again.

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Re: Demonic Presence In Home
Post # 3
Well i was just going to say burn some white sage, sprinkle some salt and sweep your home, but listen to white rav3n, she knows what she's talking about

Blessed be )0(
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Re: Demonic Presence In Home
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
personally, if I had the chance I would want to see whatever this is. I am interested in hauntings, but have never had a chance to actually see one. I also see no opportunities to take time away for this kind of thing. too bad, I would love to see an actual haunting.
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Re: Demonic Presence In Home
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
How do you seal spirits into a bottle????
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Re: Demonic Presence In Home
Post # 6
Oils, herb rubbings, blessed candle wax
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Re: Demonic Presence In Home
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
It isn't very nice to lock a spirit into an object. It should be the last resort if all else fails. We have no idea why the spiritual being is aggressive. We do not know the history of that property. Not to mention it is a will against will process and in this case, Chaos refers to "figures" in the plural sense, which means he would have to pinpoint and draw multiple strong entities into something? Not a good idea.

The bottle or object will eventually break or fall apart and then you will have a bigger problem--one furious spiritual being.

However, if a spirit is tricky enough to remain plaguing a house regardless of all magickal attempts (very rare), it isn't a bad thing to detain it in an organic or easily biodegradable object. Then cleanse and protect your self, home, car, and property and dispose of the object somewhere far from your home. The object will fall apart in a week or two, freeing the spiritual being. I don't approve of any spirit being imprisoned, regardless of whether it is of a dark or light nature. How would you like to be trapped in a bottle?
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