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The article deals with tips on how to use runes for purposes such as talismans.

Runes can be used for many things, but this article is mainly about how to use runes for things such as: healing, love, protection, comforting, etc.

Personally, I think runes should only be used for yourself and those who are very close to you, which only makes sense since you feel emotion to those who are close to you. The power of the rune lies within the user. If you hardly put any feeling into your work, you won't get much out of it. You must visualize the feeling you're wanting to invoke. Using appropriate colours(candles, stones, etc) helps the feeling more "amplified".

For example, someone near to you is in mourning and they need comforting. When you are painting/carving the rune(of comfort) into the stone, picture the feelings of happiness and relief, as if all worries are gone. This someone then can keep the stone beside their bed at night or with them where ever they go. If it's fashioned into a amulet, that beloved person can wear it and feel the comforting.

I believe that giving others runes doesn't just make them feel this energy, it also spreads on to you as well.

I always find a bit of achievement and happiness within myself when I create runes for others.

Many runes are out there, but the most commonly used are The Elder Futhark. This, however, doesn't mean that's the only ones you can use. There are many types of runes out there, choose what best fits for you.

Some might not agree with my method, but it all depends on how it works for you personally. For me, I found this to be a great method.

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