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Many people post on the forums that they are having a hard to to A.P. or Astral Project. Well I am writing this article to help them with easier technique to Astral Project.

Remember in order to Astral Project you must be able to meditate and relax your body to the point your body is asleep and your mind is still awake.

Astral Projection is when you spirit exits your body into the "astral plane". In order to do so I am going go step by step telling your how you can do this.


You can not be able to meditate let alone astral project, if you are uncomfortable. If you watch television, you see monks meditating in criss-cross position. You don't need to do that. You can lay down on a sofa or bed on your back and do the same thing. All that matters is that you are completly comfortable.


Comfortableness is one step into "Astral Projecting" relaxation is the tuff part, your body must be totally relaxed. Great meathode is to start with the toes and working your way up to your head (clinching and unclinching) and your body will be less likely to react, but you got to have will also, you body is going to want to react toward the relaxation including during the day.

Clearing your mind but also keeping it awake

Okay so they want you to keep your mind awake but also do not think about words or about your day, or about astral projection, you got to keep you mind empty but you may remember a dream or something like that. Just focus on your breathing as well.

Even Breathing

Also in order to be able to relax more you must even out your breathing, this means breathe in to the count of two or sometime ten. Then breathe out to the exact same number.


Some people say they feel vibrations, when their souls are about to leave their body this is when they are finally at the point when their bodies are fully asleep but their minds are awake. Imagine (NOT PHYSICALLY) starting with your feet, imagine your feet, imagine squeezing your toes, and move up in your mind, do not do this physically.

The Souls Exit

By this time you should feel your self rise (not physically) but your soul should be rising and you soul should be sitting up, you got to imagine your soul sitting up (remember your mind is in control so control with your mind not physically).

remember you are connect to your physical body by a invisible line sometimes called a "Silver cord".

Coming back

Sense you want to come back you are connect to a cord that is invisible. Let the cord drag you back, when you enter please move your physical body, one body part at a time slowly.

Don't worry yourself if you can not do this the first time, it will take practice.

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Sep 20, 2020
I’ll try this for a few nights and see how it goes.

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