Air Curve

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You will need the following items for this spell:

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This spell will push a small wave of wind from your hands at a light target.

Casting Instructions for 'Air Curve'

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First, you have to be calm and in a quiet room.(With practice you can do it in different environments.) Second, clear your mind(take as long as you need for this step), and focus only on the object you are trying to move(preferably something that isnt already moving(With practice you can do it with different circumstances). This will be tricky to explain but, I will try to keep it simple.Put your hands together where your finger tips are in the up position, fingers together not spread out. Next, you slide your hands the closer one to you clockwise, the farther one counter clockwise(so finger tips should be opposite of each other. Than swiftly curl your fingers in to each other so the top ligament should be under the other hands ligament. The very top bend point on each finger. It should look like one big fist. Next, extend the pointer finger of each hand and extend it outwards while still in the big fist. Tap your wrists once. Then, you rotate the hand closest to you counter-clock wise and the farther hand clock-wise/ Note your thumbs should be next to each other and your pointer fingers should be touching each other finger print touching fingerprints. The other fingers are kind of mixed and matched in the back of the pointer fingers and the thumbs. After, If you are left handed make your thumbs touch while the pointers are still touching. then spin your left hand clock-wise and extend your thumbs. So your hands finger tips should be pointing away from each other. If you are a righty than spin your right hand counter clock-wise. The final part. after the thumb extension you simultaneously take your dominate hand and curve it towards your target than with your non-dominant hand you curve it away from your target. your finger tips should be close when the hands are curving. So it should look like your hands are spinning a tornado. note your thumbs separate during the spin movement.


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