Abosolute Zero Claw

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You will learn how to make ur fire claw go to absolute zero temperature.

Casting Instructions for 'Abosolute Zero Claw'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Hand
  • 40% Concentration
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Hand
  • 40% Concentration

Hold your hand out and make a fire claw if you didn't learn it yet put your hand out. Imagion your nails are growing bigger ith fire then think about cold stuff and make its tempature go to abosotle zero so then its cold fire witch can match out any water spells.

Oh and by the way my new speacilites are fire, fire absoulte zero, and wind.


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when I voted 1 instead of bring it down it brought it up 1 star xD

Feb 01, 2019
Same happened to me! I guess if it got four one star votes it technically has 4 stars.

Can anyone actually say this works I'm kinda interested in this

Jul 11, 2019
Anyone can say it works, but do you want the harsh reality of if it can? If you want the truth, no, it doesn't. Anything you read and go ''wow, that sounds really cool'' probably doesn't work because magick is subtle, it's invisible, and doesn't create instant, dramatic changes. Magick is a natural energy that witches tap into and direct on a path to bring a desired natural change. It is a part of nature and cannot contradict nature, so if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Spells are more like ritualized prayers, you can't pray for a dinosaur, nor can you cast a spell and get one. Spells effect the energy around us to attract/repel a desired outcome [get a date, get a job, get over an ex, get rid of dry skin] it combines energy and mundane actions to speed results, not do the cool things you saw in a movie. Sorry, but that's the reality of this path, most witches/pagans are in it for the religious/spiritual components and not the cool spells.

Definately, will not work

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