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Name: Boros
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Location: Wandering Mage
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I guess I should start off with some of my heritage. I come from a family that has dwelled and practiced magick for many generations. I have be practicing how to charge and discharge my energy ever since I was five. However my parents have never taught me any spells, and I've always had a strange since of Deja Vu and have been able to see what happens in the day to come in random sequences only if those I care for or Myself become in some form of danger. This is why I've joined this site. I wish to grow and nurture my abilities as one that walks the path of Magick and to learn why it is I can see short glimpses into the future.
My beliefs or religion isn't one that may follow it's more of one handed down in some families. This belief is that of a understanding that all gods/goddess are very much real and are to be respected. It also follows the teachings of what is called the Magi the first true user of magick and first born son of all the gods/goddess. I know it must sound strange and honestly even though I was born into it I was never taught much of it. My parents went their separate ways when I was ten which is the age in which I was supposed to be given my coming of age trial and fully versed in the faith. What I have picked up has been from my grandparents but they weren't able to teach me much because they passed when I was thirteen. Afterwards I lived with my best friend who is more like a brother to me and his family till I was sixteen. Since then I have wandered about going from place to place as far as I could anyway. Now I'm eighteen and am settled in North Carolina until I make my way to Salem Massachusetts where I hope to learn more about Magick. Until then I hope to learn as much as I can from here.