Burn a Building to the Ground

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A fire attack on a specific location.

Casting Instructions for 'Burn a Building to the Ground'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • 3 slips of paper
  • A small fire
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • 3 slips of paper
  • A small fire

This spell can be modified by asking djinn (fire elementals) to perform this act at a particular time and that none are to be harmed if that is your intent.

Inscribe the rune for “disruption” or draw the place you wish to destroy on fire and djinn surrounding it. On 2 other pieces of paper write the name of the place/building you want to set on fire.

Cast a protective spell on yourself, and your home for good measure. Build a small fire (remember fire safety everyone) in a suitable location. Anything that will burn a few slips of paper will do.

Breathe, Meditate on the place you'd like to destroy. Vizualize the building on fire, feel the intense heat. smell the smoke, hear the fire crackle, and people screaming. Grasp a clear image of this in your head. Visualize the djinn ungulfing everything they touch in flames.

Once you have a clear concept, chant in a commanding voice until you feel you've been heard while holding the picture of the building on fire and the paper with the name of the location:

“"Spirits that destroy by flames, I summon you to do the same". Throw in the first paper with the name of the location. Repeat the chant, then throw in the second paper and location. Repeat the chant for a third time, again throwing in the last piece of paper.

Thank the djinn and feed your small fire in honor of the work the will being doing for you. To increase the power of this spell, repeat it for 3 nights.


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Jun 07, 2021
If you want validation for spells such as this working, watch some of D.H Thorns videos. He’s a fairly long running magician

Jun 07, 2021
All that appears after googling this person's name is Diablo, so unless you can provide videos or articles by this person, I'm going to conclude they aren't real.

Oct 09, 2021

Oct 09, 2021
https://dhthorne.blogspot.com/index.htm?m=1 Here we are. This is his website & personal blog. I’ve one of his Books.

Oct 09, 2021
I also forgot I wrote that lol my mistake.

Oct 10, 2021
Thanks for the links. Looking through this person's website, I get scam vibes [like Silver Ravenwolf] I would find other authors to learn from instead of following one person. [I say that in general. I have authors I like, but I don't follow one persons word completely]

Oct 28, 2021
Right. One thing I learned with my two years is that, there’s a bit of truth in everything. Everyone’s different. Can you message me some recommendations please.

Oct 29, 2021
It depends on what you are interested in learning about. I don't want to send you books on Wicca when you're interested in rootwork. Outside of beginners guides, I read a lot of books either on specific crafting [like potions, hexes, or kitchen witchcraft] or books on creating your own path and living your practice. Currently, I'm reading Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox which is quite good.

I don't think this is fluff. Djinn are spiritual creatures that can be summoned by sorcerers for aid in particular areas of life. I highly doubt anyone will not be harmed by this spell (even though you don't want them to be harmed), but it could manifest in 2 main ways:- 1. The Djinn will burn it down themselves 2. The Djinn will influence the mind of someone so that they screw up badly and end up destroying the building with fire I haven't cast the spell myself, but I think this could work

Firstly, do not set buildings on fire, magikally or otherwise. As for this spell, I doubt this specific one works, but I have heard a number of tales about Djinn, fire elementals (spirits) and curses that with enough energy, you could curse the land and/or call on a spiritual being to burn the building down. Granted, you would owe them and I would not cross them. Overall, plausible, but I would not try it.

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