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A 'Pyrokinesis: How To' tutorial.

Casting Instructions for 'Pyrokinesis'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Fire
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Fire

Pyrokinesis is just one of the many forms of magic, one that lets you (if you do it well) control a bit of an element. With Pyrokinesis, it's fire. By trying to manipulate the flame, you tell the Universe, whom is always listening to you and trying to do your bidding, "I want this flame to do ...". If you have faith, and mostly keep practicing, you'll get at a point you'll bend that flame as easily as walking out your front door.

So, how to do it;

Light a candle, or other flammable material (not your house). Sit in front of it, in a comfortable position. Stare into the flame, but not too concentrated, as that won't work.
Your mind will automatically fit to the flame's level.

Just think, or visualise, or whatever works best for you, that the flame listens to you and does as you say. Keep this thought! Just do this, few times a day, and keep it up! I reccomend practicing like this:

  • Grow/Shrink Flame (5 minutes)
  • Push/Pull Flame (5 minutes)
  • Shape Flame (5 minutes) This might be very hard, so practice first! Shaping is just make a leaf out of a flame, and that
  • kind of stuff.
  • Extinguish Flame. Might be hard too.


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Last edited on Nov 24, 2019
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Cool fire is my second magical element...

same with my i found out my power appared

Same here my element is fire

Pyrokinesis doesn't exist. Humans can't control fire.

Jun 09, 2019
Why are u always here to ruin things let people believe in what they want

Jun 09, 2019
I'd rather tell people the truth about things instead of letting beginners waste time and energy on nonsense and misinformation.

Jun 10, 2019
Ariell, we are not going around gleefully lying to people to hurt them, we are telling them the reality of magick and it's limitations. People ask for teachers then get mad when we teach facts about magick. You wouldn't yell at your math teacher when they tell you 2+2=4 yet you wrote 5. We are trying to help you on your path by not wasting time on nonsense, getting upset, and leaving the path because ''nothing works''. There's a difference between believing in a specific deity, that you should add cinnamon to every single spell, or you can't start the day without doing a sun salutation [all harmless things that speak to the individual] and believing you can teleport, fly, or control elements by will power [these are things beyond the physical laws and therefore magick simply cannot do]

Nov 05, 2019
If you don’t believe this stuff then why are you here

Nov 05, 2019
Paganism is a large umbrella, not everyone believes the exact same thing, they're all allowed to be here. As for magick, it has limitations, it's not a matter of belief but reality. Magick has natural limitations in the natural world. Other planes of existence is another topic, but as for the physical plane it doesn't happen.

Apr 01, 2020
You just popped my imagination bubble

Apr 01, 2020
Your ''imagination?'' Sorry, but imagination is something you do to entertain yourself. If you wish to imagine yourself shooting fireballs, you can [heck, I occasionally imagine being in the world of Avatar myself] but know the difference between reality and fantasy is all we're asking. If you've read the responses and still have your doubts, try the spells, we're not trying to stop you, just help you understand how magick works. [and above all, understand imagination isn't the same thing as belief]

Apr 04, 2020
Nekoshima magick is the natural world it is only as limited as the universe itself which is to say, not

Apr 04, 2020
Magick on the physical plane is ruled by nature, it has the limits of nature. Other planes of existence has different limitations [as far as I'm aware, the astral has no limitations]

Sep 15, 2020
You can not be 100% correct. If you were in ancient Egypt and some one told you that humans will visit the moon would you believe them?

God can do man things be can let u control the elements but he doesn't want humans to do that he knows the destruction it can do he'll only allow certain things he let Moses go above limmets but he di t need it stick to simple stuff. But u can try

Jun 29, 2019
But Moses did need it

Oct 28, 2019
not everyone believes that.

Oct 28, 2019
the story of Moses is just that, a story. some belief in the bible and God, others do not. if you believe in the myth of Moses parting the sea, it was a miracle, a gift bestowed upon him by the Jewish God when his people were fleeing to safety and needed to part the sea. [or the plagues of Egypt which as someone who works with Egyptian deities i don't believe in such things] if you wish to believe it's possible because your God preforms miracles fine, however, if we are talking about real magick it will not happen because magick is limited by nature, and humans cannot create, control, and maipulate fire.

Dec 05, 2020
I don't really believe in most religious stories. I believe the greek myths.

I did this like test thing and it said that earth was my like element or something, does that mean I wont be as powerful with fire?

Apr 04, 2020
It will be easyer for you to use earth than others kinda like people who are naturaly good at a certain school subject

I wanna try Does it real or fake?

Dec 08, 2020
I don't know about you, but it works for me.

Dec 09, 2020
Roleplaying is against site rules.

You cannot control the element of fire as outlined in this spell.

Jun 11, 2023
so you have been explaining this in other comments, and i feel a bit confused. you say that magick is limited by nature (it is,) but i don't understand what you mean by it. i get that you can't teleport / fly, but if fire exists and is a part of nature, then why is all of this fake?

Jun 12, 2023
Human nature. Humans cannot think of a fire and then fire appears in their hand. If it defies nature, it cannot happen. Humans are part of nature, so think about what is within human nature. We cannot will fire to appear by thought, but we can create lighters and ways to create fire. You cannot gain pyrokinesis, but you can cast a spell to help inspire you to invent something to manipulate fire.

Jun 12, 2023
makes sense, Thank you.

I have a question, some of you said that magick has it’s limits if that's the case then what can magick do?

Sep 05, 2023
As it has been explained countless times across this site, Magik on the physical is ruled by nature. If a spell defies natural laws, it will not work. Magik is a neutral energy that effects the energy surrounding us to bring a desired change. A love spell works by changing the vibration of you and the other person to attract each other. You can fall in love naturally. Hence why a love spell would work. Humans do not have the natural ability to conjure elements at will. It is against our nature. Ergo, a spell would not make it possible. Humans are experts at invention and technology, so a spell to help you invent a flamethrower would be in the realm of possibility as you are asking Magik to inspire you to think of an invention and not have one appear out of fat air. Does that make sense?

Sep 05, 2023
Another way to put it might be that magic needs a pathway to work. Job spells for example work best if you do some work to obtain a job. If you just sit there and cast spells for a job, the energy isn't likely to do anything because it doesn't have much of anywhere to go. There's no pathway that we know of that would allow humans to naturally perform pyrokinesis, so the energy has no pathway to follow to cause that change. The various so-called kinesis abilities have more to do with psionics anyway, not magic. That's not to say that they work at all, but since magic is ruled by nature, it's not going to allow someone to operate directly on the material plane. Changes through magic take time. So, what can magic do? Anything that's possible to happen naturally within reason, and the bigger the change, the more energy required.

The way I'm understanding your basically saying that magic isn't a miricle worker.

Sep 06, 2023
Pretty much. Simply put, magic won't make the otherwise physically impossible possible. It makes things that can happen normally within the laws of whatever plane you're working on more or less likely to happen. Keeping in theme with this spell, while you can't control fire, you can cast a spell to increase the likelihood of a building catching on fire. Keep in mind that the possibility of that building catching on fire has to exist, and if it does catch on fire, it'll do so through natural means in the end. Magical energy doesn't usually make direct changes to the physical plane. As I said in my reply to your previous comment, this exercise seems more psionics based. Again I'm not saying psionics will let you control fire either, but magic absolutely will not give you the ability to control fire.

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