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A prayer to keep away little annoyances throughout your day, lasts for one day only. This spell sadly can't change life to go exactly as you wish, but it can change smaller things. Disclaimer: I do not own this spell and do not take credit for it. All credit goes to its creator on Pinterest

Casting Instructions for 'Good Luck Prayer'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A particular Deity to pray to
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A particular Deity to pray to

1. Close your eyes, imagine the symbol of the Triple Goddess and say once:

"(Deity of Choice), to you I pray.

Keep life's little annoyances at bay.

Lend me your strength and let this day be.

How I want it to be."

2. End with a 'Thank you'.

What happened next:

My tuition teacher didn't hit me for not completing my homework, which was weird since yesterday he threatened me that if I didn't complete the homework, he would beat me up. Weird, right?

My mother didn't ask me to take my brother to the playground like she usually asks, and even took him by herself! Leaving me all alone to type this down.

That's all for now.

This lasts for a day.



Added to on Sep 01, 2020
Last edited on May 03, 2021
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An interesting idea. I equate such a spell with blessings, or a blessing working. To bring good things. Edit attempted.

This would be setting intention. You could add it to a prayer to your deity or spiritual team, but imagine the symbol that resonates with you. This does work, but it takes practice. You are setting the intention for the day to not be bothered by annoyances. This alone will not work. You need to make note in your mind, breathe, and let it go. You are retraining your mind not to latch on to things that upset you. The above phrase is telling the universe this is your goal. The Magikal energy around you will shift and vibrate at a frequency to achieve this goal. If you are not actively working on this goal, the energy will return to its neutral state.

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