Focus and Concentration

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Basically boosts your focus and makes you feel better once your done. You don't have to be terribly good or powerful at magick to do this, but it works just as well as you cast it.

Casting Instructions for 'Focus and Concentration'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Decent magick experience
  • You can light candles or cast the circle if it helps you focus more on the casting
''Only that in which I will,
Shall my mind be ever filled.
Distraction now be quiet, still.
That which ambles shan't make the hill.

The time is ripe to do,
And to continue till its all through,
Quickly and efficiently I shall
Fulfill my own morale.''

If you wish, this can be followed by ''By the power of three, so mote it be'' or any similar finishing phase.

Translations are welcome, too. Message me if you have one.

Like a majority of smaller spells, the wording doesn't need to be exact so long as it sounds right.

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I'm a little confused by the purpose of this spell. Is this meant to be a way to boost your self-confidence and block out ''haters''? If so, I can see it being helpful [I might hold an object when saying the chant, then carry it with you as a reminder in stressful situations] The title leads me to assume it has to do with improving concentration or visualization, which a simple chant wouldn't do, but as a confidence boost, I can see it working.

Thanks :-]

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