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Name: Asicar
Location: Adelaide S.A
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 17 Apr 2021
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I've always been pulled by the way of the supernatural and I now know that there is great wisdom to find in what you can't see and in what you can see.
I feel neo-pagan is closest to my beliefs, as I am a grateful person for the gifts that Earth has given us.
I feel most revitalized in the forests and in the water. I guess it must be why I love to go kayaking, hiking and camping so much.
I found a peace I never truly could fully grasp in my past, that I seem to be able to grasp when I am with nature.
I am a deep believer in the unseen.
If you are a kindred spirit, don't feel afraid send me a message. In these recent times keeping in touch with others is so important.