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This spell came from the country philippines, Philippines is not known as poor country But you'll never know that they are powerful in magick, Magick is the one hidden culture in the philippines, By the way this spell allows you to cast any spells This spell came from the original author of the philippines.

Casting Instructions for 'Make any Spell work'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mind
  • Voice
  • Concentration
  • Willpower
  • Common Sense
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mind
  • Voice
  • Concentration
  • Willpower
  • Common Sense
Reposted by: ''Phoenix Ash Stormwise''

My magickal name was: ''Phoenix Ash Stormwise'' and I am a filipino wizard, I have built my own wizard school but don't want to publish it to everyone, but if you want to be a student Private message me.

To start, just speak these latin words three times then say your spell:


Pronounciation of the latin words:

Deus = ''deh-yoos''
Eloi = ''eh-loh-yee''
Eloim = ''eh-loh-yeem''
Elohim = ''eh-loh-him''
Elohooc = ''eh-loh-hoh-yok''

Have fun casting other spells!!!!

Private message me for more informations!!!


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Hey,,, can u post a spell to regain magickal abilities, those which we lost??

May 07, 2020
why would you want that do you have powers?

Dec 05, 2020
I am Phoenix0401 i will message you privately

Hello I am Phoenix0401 this was my new account i forgot my email and password

Mar 08, 2021
Hello. How can i learn from ur expertise?

Jul 28, 2021
Pls how can I talk to u

Sep 27, 2023
How do I contact you?

Sep 27, 2023
This user hasn't been online since 2020, but you can click on his username, then click on the mail icon in the upper right corner [between profile and photos] and you can mail him directly. Otherwise, there's no way to contact him since he left the site and didn't include links to other social media.

The Philippines has a strong history of magik and fear surrounding witchcraft, so stating this is superfluous. Every country has deep roots in magik, it is a force of nature found everywhere. Regardless, this does not work. You cannot guarantee every spell will work simply by saying so. There are a plethora of factors in the works that can make or break a spell. How much energy you charged, how the energy is flowing naturally at the time of casting, how well you focused on the spell, if the person has protections such as shields, guardians, ancestor spirits, deities, even house plants to stop any energy from effecting them. If the spell is flawed in its design, or is simply a fake spell, claiming the impossible. All of these are common factors determining if a spell works or not.

how can i contact you?

Sorry, this is not filipino language. Deus means god in latin and Elohim means god or shining one in hebrew language. just search ''72 names of god'', this have nothing do with filipino.

Mar 21, 2022
He already wrote they are Latin words. He said he is from Philippines but words are in Latin :''To start, just speak these latin words three times then say your spell'' this a quotation from him. As you can see, he doesn't say those words are filipino as you can clearly read

Mar 23, 2022
Finally, after waiting for 1 month, thank you

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