Make any Spell work


1. Mind
2. Voice
3. Concentration
4. Willpower
5. Common Sense


This spell came from the country philippines, Philippines is not known as poor country But you'll never know that they are powerful in magick, Magick is the one hidden culture in the philippines, By the way this spell allows you to cast any spells This spell came from the original author of the philippines.

Spell Casting

Reposted by: "Phoenix Ash Stormwise"

My magickal name was: "Phoenix Ash Stormwise" and I am a filipino wizard, I have built my own wizard school but don't want to publish it to everyone, but if you want to be a student Private message me.

To start, just speak these latin words three times then say your spell:


Pronounciation of the latin words:

Deus = "deh-yoos"
Eloi = "eh-loh-yee"
Eloim = "eh-loh-yeem"
Elohim = "eh-loh-him"
Elohooc = "eh-loh-hoh-yok"

Have fun casting other spells!!!!

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