Candle Flame Love Divination

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Studying the candle flame to predict your fate with a lover.

Casting Instructions for 'Candle Flame Love Divination'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • candle of any colour
  • match/lighter
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • candle of any colour
  • match/lighter

Light the candle and meditate. once you feel ready, open your eyes and study the flame:

  • a rising flame means you burn in someones heart
  • long and narrow is a new love
  • flickering from side to side is a long journey in love
  • a really bright flame denotes someone will brighten your life with a happy surprise
  • a luminous glowing tip means someone is in love with you, or thinks of you in a loving manner
  • sparks from the candle is trouble in a match
  • falling flames foretells someone has mix feelings
  • sputtering flames foretells your love won't run smoothly
  • if the flame burns out before the candle is gone warns the end of a bond. Not necessarily with the one you love, but it is warning you of a shocking discovery from someone you trust.


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Thank you, this was very accurate, though it told me what i already knew

I did it with a big candle though, so i blew it out after a while. Also, help me out on something: the wax that melted beneath it was heart-shaped, could you mail me(no idea how the inbox works) and help interpret that?

Sep 30, 2019
heart-shaped wax, it's a positive sign someone feels love for you

Simple outline to candle flame divination. You can use this for anything. The size, colour, movement, even the smoke can be used to decipher an answer to any question.

May I ask what exactly a falling or rising flame looks like?

May 30, 2022
I suggest doing a google image search of specific candle flames. You should find guides to fire divination which would include more detail and photos. In answer to your question, a rising flame would be your average candle flame. It's steady, not too big or small but strong and bright. A falling flame is a tiny flame like when a candle is about to burn out.

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