Time Travelling Spell

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This should let you time travel whenever you like! Please message me if works for you!

Casting Instructions for 'Time Travelling Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A watch (preferably a battery powered one that ran out of power)
  • The ability to speak
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A watch (preferably a battery powered one that ran out of power)
  • The ability to speak
Put the watch on, then say the following spell 3x:

Gods and goddesses, bless this watch for me,
Make it give me the power to time travel,
So let it be,
When I am wearing this watch,
Make it let me time travel when I say the following words:
Let me travel to the place and time in my mind.
Then thinking of the time and place I want to travel to.
Do this for me please please please.

Then say the following 1x:

By the power of three, so mote it be.


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Last edited on Nov 17, 2019
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it doesn't work

Until physics proves me wrong, I'm positive time travel is impossible

Oct 02, 2019
Why do you think that?

Feb 05, 2020
i'll do the physics for you

How did you know about this spell? Did you did this spell before?

Oct 03, 2019
They likely, made the spell up. Time travel spells are not real, so this is a made up spell.

You cannot physically travel through time.

Oct 16, 2022
U can though portel u guys need to learn things parnomel

Oct 17, 2022
And you need to learn proper spelling. Portals are paranormal but also contain some sliver of science. Portals are similar to vacuums in space. If you believe they exist on earth, they open randomly of their own volition. On the physical plane, we do not have the power to open vacuums or portals. As humans, we cannot naturally will ourselves to do this, and since Magik on the physical does not defy nature, we can conclude it does not work. The closest you can get is astral projection and having your astral form travel to another point. If you believe in the paranormal, that is fine. Many creatures Witches work with fall into the paranormal, but the paranormal does not overturn natural law.

Ever heard of a wormhole?

That's called science

When they invent time travel let me know lol

Magic time travel ha what a joke

Some of the spells on here don't work because there fake can you even create your own spell and have it work?

I'm just curious

Feb 13, 2021
Please don't spam the comments, it's against site rules. Regarding your comments. 1. Wormholes do exist, but that's not magick, it's science [as you said in your second comment] 2. I have no knowledge of them trying to create time-travel magically or scientifically [nor do I care to time-travel] so while I get you're being sarcastic, if you're interested, you keep an eye on it. Also, look into past life regression because it's the closest you'll get to traveling to the past [future, I'm not sure. Astral projection, maybe? Either way, you can't alter the past] 3. No need to further mock people who believe in some form of magick time-travel as it adds nothing to the conversation. 4. Many of these spells were posted by members who don't understand how real magick works and confused it with fantasy nonsense. You can create your own spells with a little research and practice, as well as purchase spellbooks full of working spells if you don't wish to write your own [nothing wrong with either option] You just need to understand how magick works on the physical. It's a natural energy that affects energy. If you want to attract/repel an outcome [get a job, lose an ex] you need to collect items with the same energy you wish to create, visualize that desired outcome, and charge the correct energy. This will change the vibration of the energy that surrounds you naturally to attract/repel what you wish to achieve with your spell. It's not instantaneous, so I recommend keeping a notepad handy to jot down anything you see, think, feel, heal, [whatever you feel is a sign] over the next moon cycle to determine if the spell worked and how well it works.

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