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Name: NightFurysss
Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 22 Sep 2015
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I really like making spells, I do not know if all of them work, but I believe they do. Message me If you have ANY questions about my spells. I try to be the person that makes spells that no one else has done before. I have had a dream ever since I was 5, and that dream is to be something more than human, and thanks to spells, I have a chance of accomplishing my dream.
Fave color : Blue
Fave animal : snow leopard.
What spell I am trying right now : A spell I made that opens a portal to equestria, I nees to try again. :)
Fave cartoon: mlp
Fave anime: sword art online and fairy tail, I cannot decide!
Fave pony from mlp: princess twilight sparkle
Fave mythical creature that's actually not so mythical thanks to magic: I can't decide between centaur and mermaid!
Gender: female
Relationship: I am single, but I am not allowed to date. I will notify you when I can.
Pet: a cat named Bella.
Please leave suggestions for my next spell! :)