Levitate Objects

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This might not actually work.
Sorry if it doesn't.

Casting Instructions for 'Levitate Objects'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full Concentration
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full Concentration
For beginners, You should always start with small objects. Look at the object you wish to levitate. Concentrate really hard on the object. Picture it lifting high into the air. It should slowly start to rise.
If not, mail me and let me know.


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It kind of worked but not completely

Apr 23, 2019
It did not work at all, sorry. This is a fake spell.

it did not work and it is not a spell, really!

Fake stared at it for 10mins

Where is the spell part of this ''spell''?

You cannot levitate an object with Magical energy.

I know all the comments say it's fake but I started with a light peace of paper and it did move not levitate. You just have to believe, it's not staring at it. Try to amagine it moving and it might work

May 07, 2021
hey, I have a question. Do any of these spells on this site work or is everybody just making it up?

May 08, 2021
It depends on the spell, but most are just made up I'm afraid. You'd have better luck in the comments learning about magick. Magick is real, but it's not like what you see in movies. It's an energy that brings natural desired changes by charging the energy around us to attract the change. Levitation is a form of stage magic, at best you could look into astral projection.


Mar 14, 2024
Please do not roleplay or spread misinformation. Most, if not all forms of ''kinesis'' are fake. Real magic does not make the impossible possible, it abides by the laws of reality like most things do.

Mar 15, 2024
All caps are against site rules. Roleplaying is also against site rules [you cannot levitate a physical object with real magick. Levitation is a trick of stage magick] Claiming you did something that is well known in the Pagan community to be impossible would be considered roleplaying. Please read over the site rules to ensure you don't break any further rules and get your account gagged by a mod.

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