Weight Loss

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This spell is meant to focus your energies into speeding your metabolism and boosting your body's weight loss. However it will not prove effect if you don't also attempt to eat healthily.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A candle (white for all purpose)
  • Matches (a lighter can be used if you don't have matches)
  • Small cloth pouch
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Ground giger

Casting Instructions for 'Weight Loss'

Chant: Fire awaken inside me, burn away the weight I don't need, flame heal my body, as my metabolism increases in speed.

1. Ground yourself.

2. Place all ingredients on your altar top and light the candle.

3. As the candle burns imagine its heat filling your body. Stare into the flame and visualize yourself taking on the attributes of the fire.

4. watch how the flame burns away the wax of the candle, visualizing your own body burning away your excess fat.

5. Keep this image strong in your mind as you chant.

6. Pour the spices into the bag and tie it shut. Hold the bag in your projective hand as you visualize your weight loss goal, sending the image into the satchel as you repeat the chant.

7. Take the pouch and circle it around the candle three times,drawing the power of the flame into the herbs inside. Chant each time it passes keeping your thoughts focused on your goal.

8. Once completed put out the candle and keep the satchel with you at all times.

Note: Before each meal hold the satchel in your receptive hand and feel its enchantment take effect, visualizing it speeding up your bodies metabolism and abilities to lose weight.

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