2nd Dragon Transformation

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Another Dragon transformation spell, in case the other one didn't work.

Casting Instructions for '2nd Dragon Transformation'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None


"Great beast in the sky
Flying through the darkened night.
I wish to fly among you,
A Dragon, through and through.
With great wings that span so wide
and carry me on up so high.
To have great, sharp claws
and a spike-covered tail.
A body that is (insert color here)
To be one with the earth and its creations.
I wish to control (wind, water, fire, earth, lightning)
and be filled by its nature.
So give me great jaws filled with sharp teeth.
Hard, thick scales to protect me.
I want to be able to change at will.
To live forever in any form,
a Dragon to my very core."


Added to on Dec 06, 2014
Last edited on Feb 24, 2018
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What happens after I say the spell?

Mar 07, 2019
Nothing because you cannot become a different species with magick. Magick cannot turn you into a shapeshifter, it cannot alter your genetics or change your physical form. If you are interested in dragons I would suggest staying clear of transformation spells, as they are fake and look into working with dragonic spirits and energies instead.

Another one in case the last one didn't work? None of them will work because you can't physically transform into a Dragon. I'd say keep trying but we've got enough fake spells on this site, we don't need more.

Jun 22, 2019
What is your problem? You seem to come on here just to decide what magic is and what it does, and seem to have no end to the things you can find wrong with every spell. If you think there are really a lot of fake spells, then just leave! find something else more real than our ''fake'' spells and our ''fake'' magic! Nobody needs your negativity! They can make what spells they want, and magic can be what it wants! If certain spells work for them,then so be it!!! Let them share their success, and let other people try it too! This person here wanted to make something, and you came over and had to be Mr. high and mighty,so you crushed his dreams! Kingdragon came here for advice from the experts and you both are crushing his dreams! I came here for escape and magic, and lo and behold it's the same s##t I see every day in reality! Go find someone elses life and ruin it!!!

Jun 23, 2019
People point out which spells are fake in order to help people, Kingdom. Beginners come on wanting to cast, but get sucked into these fake spells and waste years on them. Desperate people with physical and mental illness find fake spells that claim to be cure-alls or grant immortality, and it would be morally wrong to allow them to get sucked into a time-waster when they could be spending time actually treating their condition. People post spells like these without thinking of the potential consequences of how acting like spells like these work hurts people. Nekoshema and HearthWitch aren't hurting people, they're providing genuine advice and help. You say that Kingdragon came for advice from the experts only to have his dreams crushed, but let's think about that--if people who have been practicing for a long time who know what they're doing say it doesn't work, perhaps they're not crushing anyone's dreams. Perhaps they're just right. If you want to spend time casting fake spells go right ahead, but don't get mad at people for telling the truth.

Jun 23, 2019
for the record, i don't go around hating on others, crushing dreams, and being negative. if you go through the spells i also comment on plenty of working ones, i point out why they work, and if they're incomplete, i add ways they can be improved. the issue is the majority of the spells people care about are the fake ones, so people are focusing in on those experiences and colouring me in a negative light. [kind of like how people have a bias and only look at the examples that prove them right, and not the greater number of times they're disproven] anyway, i'm not finding any joy ''crushing peoples dreams'' i'm stating facts. do you yell at a teacher who explains 2+2=4 and not 5? do you yell at a doctor who explains why vaccines are safe or a scientist who explains the earth is round? i am simply trying to teach what magick can and can't do because unlike in the movies, it doesn't do everything people think it does. [regarding this response i was being snarky because i had commented on the previous spells explaining why it doesn't work] if you want the explanation, magick is an energy, it effects energy, it doesn't contradict nature and cause physical changes to occur. Dragons are astral beings [like spirits] that we can call on for guidance, we don't fuse with, transform into, or control Dragons, just as we don't control deities, or command faeries, or transform into werewolves. we still exist on the physical plane, and have the limitations of the physical to deal with. if you want to run away to a fantasy land where everything is possible, look into astral projection. [also, no swearing, even bleeping it out is against site rules and can get you gagged]

Oct 14, 2019
i know right they are fake news bears

Nov 23, 2019
I agree with Kingdom48

Jun 29, 2022
Nekoshema please try to more polite when talking about fake spells because some people may not take it lightly with the way you say it. I can understand your point but please be more gentle because of upcoming spell casters. Rather than saying it straight up, say it as your point of view, it sounds more polite that way

Jun 29, 2022
Truth is truth regardless of how much people don't want to hear it. And no matter how gently a thing is said, it is offensive to those who want to believe in the untrue.

Neko has done nothing more than establosh a fact, and explain why it is fact. ...It is at times unfortunate, but reality bends for no-one. And catering to the unreal does only harm. Even if it is for the sake of being 'nice, feeding a delusion only makes it more difficult for people to grow and better themselves.

To hear it from an inside source; I have been involved with the Otherkin (and also Vampiric) communities for more than twenty years. A community specifically centered on the idea of non-human kinship/identity. Throughout that time I have been involved with countless explorations, conversations, debates, and spiritual exercises and journeys shared through many individuals including myself. In all that time one piece of information that has remained universally intact and accepted as true and valid is that Being a dragon, or elf or therian or vampiric or a walk-in or starchild or Indigo child... Is a thing you -are-. It is not a thing you become.

Such a discovery is a function of identity, and coming to recognize/become aware of traits and associations that have always been present. Even then, there are different ways that people come in to this idea; A psychological association of personality and attitude (I think as a dragon, therefore I am a dragon), an idea of genetics and heredity (Somewhere waaaaaay back during evolutions process the genes of 'x' animal existed in my bloodline.... this one is largely debunked), and as a connection through one's spiritual past (I have lived as a dragon within a past life/between lives). ...Regardless of the model understood by the individual, it is revealed as a function of the individual's innate core nature. Something that does not change by simply saying a few words and thinking -really hard-. Such a change requires a rewrite of your instincts, predispositions, emotional connections, and the underlying mental process you use to connect with and understand the world around you. You would very literally need to be able to willfully and consciously make yourself into a completely different person emotionally, psychologically, and/or spiritually.

All of that said, any individual can certainly explore ideas of energy working, meditation, and astral travel or shamanic journeying to explore and experience a draconic form, energy, and realm. And with effort, time, practice, exploration, and steady gradual immersion and connection with dragons and Draconic energy one could expand that connection into a change of attention and form as you learn to allow those energies to become a part of your nature. However this is a lifetimes long process akin to spiritual evolution. So it is not something achieved within the infinitely short period of a single human life- let alone one night with a candle and a prayer.

As a final note, even being a Draconic within a human body, you would still be human. Period. It is your physical form. It is where and how you live. Being a dragon does not change that. Nor does it make someone somehow special. Or powerful. Or important. Or 'better' than anyone else. ...People honestly take for granted just how much power humans have. People just spend all their effort convincing themselves they are weak or small or insignificant. The most spiritually aware, most powerful, wisest people I have ever met, learned about, and learned from have all been human. And yet they have been leaps and bounds above my experience and skill at every turn, being my teachers far more than my equals. I can only dream to reach a state even remotely close to them before this lifetime of mine ends.

This is impossible,you cant physically become a different species,this is contrary to nature and magic

Jul 04, 2021
Nothing is impossible!!

You cannot physically transform into a dragon.

Kingdragon just try it and see or you can ask the author of the spell for what happens after you've said the spell

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