Become a Witch or Warlock

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Become a witch or warlock like they do on vampire diaries.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Witch or Warlock'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Say this 10 times

"Spirits of magic! I ask you please to grant me the power of becoming a witch/warlock! I will have telekinesis,and I will be able to channel power from elements or other witches to make me stronger. I will be able to manipulate the elmements, I will be able to contact other dead witches, I will be able to make my own spells and cast other ones. I will be able to see the future. All my spells will work!

But with these new found powers will come weakness’. If I use too much magic my nose will start to bleed and I will pass out. If I get to scared I will temporary lose my powers. Candles will make my magic stronger and I will be able to do more magic with a candle. When I make spells they will always work. This is my will, So mote it be"


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Last edited on Dec 27, 2019
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How long is the temporary power loss

Dec 22, 2019
This does not work. Witch is someone who practices witchcraft similar to a Buddhist practices Buddhism. Warlock means oathbreaker and nobody goes with it. Witch is gender neutral so the vast majority use the term witch. No spell will make you one, practicing will.

Why are all these fake spells even the TOP ones??

Jan 02, 2020
right, like what's going on?

Jan 02, 2020
right, like what's going on?

Jan 03, 2020
algorithm. the older spells would have more votes. anyone can vote for a spell as many times as they please [including the person who posted it] and unless it's been fixed, there was a glitch where spell votes only went up, not down [it worked at one point, i just remember it being an issue in the past year] long story short, older spell, more votes.

They need to take these fake spells of

from what see, i can clearly tell no spell works on this platform right

Jan 28, 2020
regarding this specific one, a spell doesn't make you a witch, your actions do. practice witchcraft and you will be a witch. practice daily to become a ''more powerful'' witch. there is no quick-fix solution for a religious/spiritual path.

how supposed this to work

Dec 23, 2022
This does not work. The words ''witch'' and ''warlock'' are just titles, used by people who choose to use them, and nothing more. No spell makes someone into either. If someone practices witchcraft, they may choose to call themselves a witch. Some people have a magic practice and decide to describe themselves as a warlock. Nothing more than that.

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