Become a Witch or Warlock




Become a witch or warlock like they do on vampire diaries.

Spell Casting

Say this 10 times

"Spirits of magic! I ask you please to grant me the power of becoming a witch/warlock! I will have telekinesis,and I will be able to channel power from elements or other witches to make me stronger. I will be able to manipulate the elmements, I will be able to contact other dead witches, I will be able to make my own spells and cast other ones. I will be able to see the future. All my spells will work!

But with these new found powers will come weaknessÂ’. If I use too much magic my nose will start to bleed and I will pass out. If I get to scared I will temporary lose my powers. Candles will make my magic stronger and I will be able to do more magic with a candle. When I make spells they will always work. This is my will, So mote it be"
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