Twisting their Sixth Sense

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This spell targets people's 'sixth sense' and enhances it to make them believe someone is following them.

Casting Instructions for 'Twisting their Sixth Sense'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • An enchanted object(optional)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • An enchanted object(optional)
Hold your enchanted object in the palm of your left hand and empty your mind, visualizing only the person you wish to target.
Chant the following:

'Shadow spirits, come to me
Plague this person that I see
Watch them always, day and night
Don't release them from their plight
Make them feel your icy stare
Even if there's no one there'

This should be chanted at least 3 times.

NB: This spell will only last for about a week, so I have not included a reversal spell.


Added to on Mar 31, 2013
Last edited on Apr 10, 2018
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Worked completely!

karma is right around the corner for those who use the gods for evil

Jun 09, 2019
Not everyone believes in a karmic system, nor do all witches work with or believe in deity.

Feb 23, 2020
well you're not wrong...regardless of what one believes in

Mar 08, 2021
What if you are using it for a good purpose?

Will it work I just cast it on a kid in my class

Oct 06, 2020
I believe this spell will work though never mind

Does this spell work?

Mar 11, 2021
I think it will. Some of these comments do agree in it's success, though I've learned not to trust other comments too much. I haven't tried it myself, so I wouldn't personally know.

Not sure exactly how this works. Perhaps it creates a servitor or egregore which follows the person? It might work well on people with good psychic skills or abilities. As for normal people, most ''normals'' usually have some kind of ability or psychic skill. So it should work for them, but not at the same strength as psychics.

I heard a few echoes of my voice, or possibly mimicking, as I chanted. Does this mean anything?

This requires an edit, but sounds plausible. This appears to be a jinx, not a sixth sense ability. Since you are directing this on someone, the object should either belong to them, or be a photo of them. Focus your intention on them, imagine exactly what you want to happen as clearly as possible. The chant should be repeated more than three times. Chants build energy. The more you chant, the stronger the spell.

If you hear voices in your head, and you are not clairaudient, this would indicate you are not directing the energy on your target. If your object is reflective, that would send the energy back. The other option could be, you accidentally summoned something. This chant calls on shadow spirits. If you do not work with spirits, or do not specify the spirit, you are open the door for anything to visit. If you do not have your protections up, the spirit might walk in and decide to target you instead because they do not work with you and you let them in. The other option could be you conjured a shadow person. That is very dangerous. A shadow person is a spiritual being who feeds on misfortune. They look like a shadow of a person that walks along your walls. Have your protections in place before trying this spell.

Jun 09, 2024
Thank you so much! That was very helpful. I think I may be clairaudient, however, so that's better than the other outcomes. But, it still feels like I did plenty of black magic on a certain group of people who have been harassing me, and it seems it's just backfired. I may just be new, but that slightly worries me...

Jun 12, 2024
I would need more context to fully troubleshoot your dilemma. Please, do not give me more context because A. This is the internet and people can use what you post against you, and B. I do not care. That is not to sound heartless, that is a boundary I have. Generally, to answer your question, it depends.
  • The spell could have been flawed. How it was written, the process, the time you cast, and how much energy you focused could all be factors. You should have a grimoire/journal to write down your Witchy journey. Note how you felt before the spell and how you prepared. Immediately after casting, write out the spell, everything you did, anything you felt, thought, sensed etc. For the next month, be aware of your surroundings and make note of anything you feel is noteworthy.
  • You did not cleanse once you cast. The majority of backfire or failure in casting is lingering energy effecting you. Once you complete a curse, you should cleanse yourself and your home. Negative energy is denser and can linger longer than positive energy. Negative energy will cause misfortune, you will doubt yourself, thus charging more negative energy and causing you to curse yourself.
  • The targets are protected. They could be religious, they might not be. A loved one praying for them could protect them. A spirit could be watching over them. We have natural protections when we are unaware. Once you know, these protections are removed. Everyone has natural shields, but once you know about shielding, those shields go away and you need to recharge it daily.
  • They might be effect but not in obvious ways. They might be dealing with mental anguish. They might be suddenly struggling at school and/or work. They might be suffering from misfortunes that are causing emotional pain. You might have desired they broke their bones or were humiliated in front of everyone, but the odds of that are low unless you were very specific. Even then, Magik takes the easiest route. Also, Magik works in its own time. A good rule to follow is one moon cycle for your basic I need money because I am in a pinch spells. Cleansings and protections should be felt right away. However, some spells can take months, years, or even generations depending on the specific spell. If you cast a long game spell, you would see a consistent downward trend in the persons life. Even good things would either come with hardship, or not very impressive.

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