Life of Fear

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This is a strong curse to be used on someone who has caused any kind of pain to you more than once and has rightfully earned your loathing.

Casting Instructions for 'Life of Fear'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Strong will power
  • Hatred
  • Not to be afraid to use black magic
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Strong will power
  • Hatred
  • Not to be afraid to use black magic

Fill the air around you with dark and/or chaos energy. Fill the air with you malice, hatred and anger. Get eye contact with them (it's ok if you blink) and send a duplicate amount of that energy around your target.


"Hatred and malice and anger I feel.
My insane side has been fuelled by you.
Vengeance is just
And you are worthy of my punishment.
Feel the force of my lost pain,
Feel the force of my lost anguish.
Let terror haunt you,
Strip all defences from you,
As long as there is darkness in my heart."


Say this three time, it's your choice how loudly but your voice must show your contempt. Send all the energy you put into the air towards them and form a prison with it around them, then sink it into their soul. When this is done walk away, the curse is set once you are out of their eyeshot.

It doesn't unset the curse if they see you again after casting this.
If they have a shield up or try to block the spell, make it be consumed by the energy you put into the air.
I'm not sure if this curse can be sent back to you or not, be careful.
This spell is quite draining, make sur you have a lot of energy to use.


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Does this work with person's picture?? Or you need to do this in person?

Sep 02, 2019
I would be beaten up if I did this in front of the person, so I'm going to use a picture

Jan 07, 2020
Did it work or no

Mar 09, 2021
i find it best to use the person's picture and make sure to do a protection spell on yourself first just to be on the safe side

This may hex them, but I do not see it giving them a ''lifetime of fear'' as the spell claims. It is too simplistic to be this intense. However, if you charge enough negative energy, I can see them having some misfortune for a time.

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