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Guide to casting magic using the power of vibrant sound
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Casting Instructions for 'Verbal Spellcraft'

Uses: Energy Conversion(into anything really,) Conjoring, Spiritual Contact, and Generally Making Chants for Spells


Detailed Info: Using words we are able to alter our world with words, whether thinking them or speaking them. As humans in this age we use words as a way to project our intention. Thoughts manifest causing a vibration, and speaking furthers that manifestation into stronger vibrations hense commanding the world around us if we have the will. Your thoughts and feelings heavily effect your output which is why so many say to have faith in your work. Whether it's true or not, the most successful mages and alchemists have said that everything is vibrations. And that is a great way to think of it to get a hold on all forms of magic, so even your mind and thoughts can produce a special level of vibration in this light projection of a world.


Language Differences: Using your native language usually doesn't work so well because it seems fake, especially if your reading this in English as that language has been designed to not we as freindly to casters. It along with many has a very dark past. Although there isnt a language that hasn't been tainted, we still have less tainted ones. So I will list off the one's not to use; English, Spanish, Chinese, Australian. If you have dark intentions then your best chances are with; Spanish(the version spoken in Spain), Latin, French. Note: Latin is a old and powerful language used by many of the saurians and possibly crafted by them. The essence of Latin is dark feels cloying.


Words Within Yourself: An art you must be careful not to go full board with or you could me like a madman. For this it usually happens when you start to practice magic, you feel this sort of feeling of magic and begin to generate words that seem to be none sense, of course most of it is. But some you will feel it has meaning, you can seek out these barley pronouncable words and feel it for meaning. Sometimes it has more meaning then can be explained in english. It's something that usually takes years but with it you will have you own chants that only apply to you, and expose something about yourself.


 Forming Chants: Using a language of choice as instructed above you can form your chant, or even what has been disguised as made up myths... you would only recognize it as thuum or shouts. But they are simply small and powerful chants commanding something into the world without ritual. We have long since lost any dragon languages or saurian tongues... as far as the public knows I would guess. So we can try to use some the easily learned human languages to Alvaki (thuum basically)


If anyone would like to get a translation on an Angelic Language for their chant I would be happy to help, so long as it is used for light. Unless by some luck a person who reads this is close enough for me to train, I will not be teaching this complex language over internet,  I wouldn't like to die with this however, I must share my knowlege.

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