Warning Spell

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Will make both non-witchs and witches leave you alone when cast right

Casting Instructions for 'Warning Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • none
Chant the following:

Blood turn black and flesh turn blue,
I will curse if you force me to.
By the left hand and the unclean food
I'll curse your eyes I'll curse your lies;
Blood go black and flesh go blue,
Evil from me and back to you.
My soul clean and yours on fire;
You mess with a witch you burn


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Like I just need to chant this randomly? Like i have to do it in frount of the person or I need somthing of the person? Please be with the instructions.

Jan 31, 2021
If you have a picture it would be best [unless you can picture them in your mind perfectly] charge energy [for this, I would go with your anger towards the person] then say the chant repeatedly until you fall into a rhythm or trance [it's something you feel more than a number you hit] once you feel you've chanted enough, you can burn the photo [since the chant includes burning in its imagery] or flush it down the toilet [it's a symbolic way to say you're done with their crap]

Feb 01, 2021
I personally think it's like a defense spell. A spell that won't be active unless someone actually does something wrong or is planning to do something wrong to you. It'll then be active and hurt them. I read this on Pinterest, and it said to light a black candle before chanting. I don't think you need the person right in front of you

Mar 13, 2021
Thankyou for clearing the instructions for me💙🖤

for what is this spell used for?

Sep 12, 2021
It says it at the top: ''Will make both non-witchs and witches leave you alone when cast right''.

How many times would one need to chant this?

May 02, 2023
It's personal. You should be building your energy until you feel like screaming. [you know that point when you're spinning and you feel you'll fall over if you don't stop? that's what you're looking for] This might take three times, it might take thirty, it depends on you. You'll know when you reach it. When you're at that point, do something to indicate you're releasing the energy [I usually stomp my foot or clap my hands]

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