Controlling Aura Balls

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Once you've summoned and unlocked your aura, you can learn to control it into an aura ball. Just be careful or you'll become too powerful so please don't hurt anyone!

Casting Instructions for 'Controlling Aura Balls'

You will need the following items for this spell:

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Now that you've unlocked your aura, lets put it to use! This one is short and simple but be careful please! So remember your aura. Close your eyes and think of how you reached out and grabbed the ball of energy representing your aura. Think of that ball and don't get your mind off of it.

Now sense all of the energy flowing through your body. Feel it. Try to control that energy and let it all flow into your feet. Once you feel it all drain from your upper body, control that energy to stay where it is. After you feel ready, take that energy, and try to move it up to your hands. If your hands and fingers feel heavy or tingly, then you know you're doing it right. This step is usually the hardest because the energy naturally refuses all to fit into your two hands. Once you have successfully completed this task (you most likely wont get it on the first try) then lift your hands and shape them as if your holding a ball. Let the energy escape through your finger tips to the space between your hands.

Once you feel there is enough energy in the space (and don't use all of it especially on your first try because it won't work probably and you'll have to wait for enough energy to return to do it again) you may attempt to throw or shoot the aura ball. There are many variations of throwing the aura ball, but for amateurs, throw the ball as if you're shooting a basketball straight forward. Any other way will most likely fail.

Once you've accomplished to high our target such as a person or object (the person will tell you if they feel anything and the object may make some change in position or such) then you may advance to one-handed throwing of the aura ball. This requires a lot of focus and energy and a prepared target. Just focus on throwing or shooting the aura from your hand and be prepared for anything.

It will probably fail the first try but keep practicing! Once you have mastered throwing aura balls and techniques suggested, try finding others! And please be careful and don't hurt anyone! The model fact is the stronger your aura! Good luck!

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This worked almost perfectly the first tims, but I can't seem to make it work again. Is this common, and is there a reason why it's harder?

Mar 04, 2019
Not sure, just keep trying. Did you meditate before doing it? Perhaps you weren't in the right state [like you tried it the first time on the weekend and the second time was in the evening after a full day of work, you would have less energy to work with at that point]

Mar 12, 2019
Thank you so much, super helpful!

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