Mingle Your Energy With That of A Dragon

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Mingles your energy with that of a dragon making you stronger, faster, tougher, and increasing your stamina

Casting Instructions for 'Mingle Your Energy With That of A Dragon'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

The word "parkémp" at the end makes the spell permanent, you can exclude that part from the end if you want it to be temporary when you cast it.

Let yourself be open to such change and either say or chant: "Duamilent -Druag - Elmtol - Tupamk - Parkémp" (Pronounced: Doo-Ah-Me-Lent Drág Elm-Toll To-Pamk Par-Kémp)


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you work with Dragon energies, you don't fuse with them to get super abilities.

Nov 06, 2023
may I get some help with working with them?

Nov 06, 2023
nvm i just read ur bio

Nov 08, 2023
Working with dragons is not too different from working with any other ascended being or deity. Like any path or practice it begins with (and is fueled by) learning about them. Explore what cultures they show up in and in what roles/capacities. Read up on them and what they represent and bring about spiritually.

As you develop a feel for their roles and nature, use that information to bring Dragons and what they do into your magical practice. If you want to work with dragons, then ... well... start working with them. If you draw a circle, ask for a dragon to help you make the space sacred. If you are doing a working for protection, ask for a dragon to shrowd you under its wings, or lend you the protection of its scales. If you are struggling to find inspiration, ask for a dragon to share its wisdom. Make working with them an active part of your journey.

In turn, actively recognize their presence and assistance. Perhaps put together a small altar (inside or outside) where you can place a draconic figure, statue, image, or other icon along with a candle, some incense, and maybe a crystal or three if you collect them. Use the altar to actively connect with their presence in your life. Burn a little incense and light a candle every now and again in thanks for their help. Recognize their hand in the little synchronicities that have happened to help you avoid harm or find knowledge you have been searching for. Heck. Just sit and talk to them. Converse out loud or by sitting in thought. Sound out your questions, surmisings, goals, whatever. And while you do observe your thoughts. You might start noticing the occasional nudge of perspective or a foreign question appearing among them. You might notice a tone or timbre that differs from your usual internal 'voice'. Perhaps feel a sensation of comfort or peace. That is a sign you might be starting to hear/connect with the beings you are seeking.

Just remember, A guide comes to lead you to yourself. Let that be your litmus.

You cannot give yourself extra powers by fusing with a dragon.

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