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Visualise yourself happy and successful all day long.

Casting Instructions for 'Wishing Jar'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:

Put some lucky stuff in a jar (soaking in alcohol or oil)
and keep the jar near your toothbrush. While you brush
your teeth with the right hand (or whichever hand you use
brush your teeth), give the jar a few vigorous shakes with
your left hand (your other hand). Silently greet the day and
wish for good things for yourself and your loved ones.
Visualise yourself happy and successful all day long.

Into the jar you can place such common kitchen
favorites as rosemary, thyme,nutmeg, and (if you have it)
star anise. Some people keep the jar in the kitchen and
shake it while the coffee is brewing. Or you can use other
things besides or instead of those ingredients,
such as mojo beans, High John the Conqueror,
frankincense and myrrh, or ingredients especially
suited to your current principal interest, such as love
of money. For money use bayberry, lucky hand root,
snakeroot, even the ''money plant''.

Never tell anyone your wish, as soon as you
tell someone - it will negate the magick.


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