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This spell will not turn into a dog, however you will have all the abilities of a dog, good and bad. BE CAREFUL THIS IS NOT A JOKE. If you are willing to transform your spiritual self into this Canis lupus familiaris species, you must be 100% sure about it. THIS IS A VERY STRONG IRREVERSIBLE SPELL. DO NOT TRY IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE YOU WANT THIS. Revamp/edit of my dog power spell. Feel free to add it to your BoS or spell book!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A towel
  • 4 Candles
  • Dog fur, 10 hair strands
  • A glass
  • Water
  • A pentagram necklace, or a necklace that has special meaning to you

Casting Instructions for 'DOG POWER SPELL (Edited/revamped)'


HELLO. please read the introduction of the spell before performing it.



  • A highly attuned sense of smell
  • Sense of movement
  • Balancing tail
  • Great sense of sight
  • Sense of communication
  • Great sense of bonding
  • Great sense of direction
  • A great sense of speed
  • Great sense of empathy
  • You will be attractive to dog people way more then usual
  • Good concentration skills
  • Brilliant sensing of sound
  • Great learning and applying


Place the 4 candles around you. Try so that they all  have the same distance to you. Also place the glass to your right with a bottle of water to your left. Also make sure you are wearing your pentagram necklace.(or a special meaning to you necklace)

Don't have a phone or anything that can expose radiation close to you, not even in the room you will be performing the spell. Place the dog hair on the towel and put it in front of you. You should be sitting down on the floor and the dog hair should be right in front of you. If you have long hair, I suggest you have it in a ponytail. The room you will be casting the spell should be completely dark and only have the light of the candles.


I call the richest of witches, the sisters of the animals, the ones I praise in my dreams

Make me one of you, teach me things that are true

Take my spirit, give me yours. Let me see the world as an animal of fur

Give me a sight, give me a smell, take my heart and give me tail 

All I want to be is this, give me power to bark

Sisters of fires, forests and wings, this time i call my sisters of dreams

What I wasn't meant to be, make it true, make it be. 

Say this while dripping the water in the glass. Drink a sip from the glass, and put the cat hair in the remaining water in the glass (DO NOT DRINK ANY MORE ONCE THE DOG HAIR IS IN IT'S NOT NECESSARY FOR THE CASTING OF THE SPELL

Wait 20 seconds with your eyes closed. The spell will take about a month to completely transform you SPIRITUALLY, not PHYSICALLY. 

SIDE EFFECTS(these will be permanent): You will be attractive to dog people way more then usual, Good concentration skills, Brilliant sensing of sound, Great learning and applying, a highly attuned sense of smell, sense of communication, ability to sense emotions like sadness, anger, ect., speed, great sense of direction, a significant improvement in your sense of sight, ect.


Added to on Oct 20, 2022
Last edited on Jan 28, 2023
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As mentioned in the previous dog power spell, this is fake and does not work. Even if this claims you will not physically transform, a spell cannot enhance your human abilities to that of a canine permanently. That still defies natural law. And it still says ''balancing tail'' which leads me to believe you would get a tail if you cast this spell, and since that too defies nature, it is further proof the spell is fake.

fake fake fake

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