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im dawn_101 this is my new account. here is a brand new were wolf spell.

Casting Instructions for 'A BRAND NEW WEREWOLF SPELL: dawn_101'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • full moon.
  • night time.
  • a clear night.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • full moon.
  • night time.
  • a clear night.
say this outside in a open area on a clear full moon night

were wolves of fanstacies
werewolves of the night
come to me for a bite
if i am worthy
if i am exceptable
turn me into a animal of the night
i will be loyal
i will be strong
i will always stand tall
and be by your side till the end of the night sky


Added to on Feb 12, 2013
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Nice. Im not sure if this works. Its funny that this was a lomg time ago and i wasnt here in time

Jan 04, 2019
This user has since deleted their account, but no, this spell will not work. Nor will any others that claim to transform you into anything other than human.

A spell cannot turn you into a werewolf

It will not work trust me I am a werewolf you half to be bitten

Feb 29, 2020
Being bitten isn't the only way. There are rituals to become one.

Mar 01, 2020
You are human, werewolves are not physical beings, you can't become a werewolf by any method. What you can do is work with astral werewolves, animal spirits or animal totems. You can also wear animal furs [costumes] to symbolically bring their energy into your life. You can mentally shift, as well as transform your astral self into an animal. However, on the physical plane, you are 100% human.

Apr 23, 2020
Then maybe you can help me I'am looking for a wearwolf to bite me and turn me

Apr 24, 2020
There is no werewolf who can do that for you on the physical plane, Felicia170. You were born a human, and human you shall remain. What you can do is work with astral werewolves similar to how I work with the Fae. You can also work with spirit animals and spirit totems, as well as the imagery of the werewolf and its transformative energy. On other planes of existence, you could become a werewolf, but I cannot stress enough that physically, you will forever be human.

Apr 24, 2020
To add to Tadashi's point, you won't become a shapeshifting werewolf on the physical, but similar to those who dress/act like vampires [they cast blood magick, call on astral vampires, dress in a gothic aesthetic] there are those who work with werewolves. There are rituals where you dedicate yourself to the path and spiritually become one [no, I don't know the ritual] there's also otherkin who, while physically they don't transform, spiritually/astrally they believe their spirit wasn't meant to reincarnate as a human, so spiritually, they're actually a wolf, or swan, or mermaid, or whatever. You also have some native cultures who believe it's possible, but it's incredibly rare [only their wisest shaman can do so] so while you can look into native culture [like spirit animals and totems] it would be a long spiritual journey to reach that point, and even then, there's no guarantee [many could argue cultural appropriation and some tribes don't allow non-natives to learn]

You cannot physically transform into a werewolf.

First time commenting on this forum please be kind to your reply I have a conditions that I just found out about multiple sclerosis which means I'm going to get worse and weighed the pros and the cons and yes I want to turn into a werewolf they are healthy and strong and I would be cured call me stupid call me whatever you want my will this is my wish and this is my heart

Apr 09, 2020
I'm sorry to hear that [I have a friend with MS] nobody's going to call you names [also, the word you used is against site rules so people would get in trouble using it] I understand why you wish it could work, and I hope we can find a cure for MS [my friend is lucky, it's well managed, but he still needs things like leg braces when we're walking around a lot and it's really sad knowing how active he was] sadly, you can't transform with magick. You can try healing spells and reiki while also taking medication to help slow the advancement of the symptoms and reduce pain, but a spell sadly won't cure MS [if it could, I would have helped my friend and a number of other people years ago] I wish you all the best, and I hope something can work for you.

This is extremely fake. Everyone knows warewolf shifting is non-physical and a scratch does it and only to those who want it.

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