Hecate Justice

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Bring justice with the goddess Hecate.

Casting Instructions for 'Hecate Justice'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

All you have to do is chant: "Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea. Bring justice now, I ask of thee! Right the wrongs that have been done. Avenge me now, O might one! Turn misfortune back on those who cause my problems and my woes. Heap upon them karmic debt, lest they all too soon forget their wrongful actions, words and deeds. Don't let them get away scott free. Bring them forth from where they hide. Bring swift justice, weild your knife. Hasten, Dark One, hear my please. So as I will it, so mote it be".


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Did u know tust Hecate is the goddess of magic in Greek mythology, roman version is trivia

Oct 26, 2020
Is she really that’s interesting

Hekate isn't going to just up and kill someone for you...sorry but that isn't going to happen. As someone who works with her I know she isn't one for petty rivalries.

It works for me all the times.

If you use this, please know that Hecate won't be likely to do much unless you work with her. Deities don't do stuff without reason. If she does, maybe try giving some sort of offering to her as thanks.

Dec 22, 2023
What offering does she prefer??

Dec 22, 2023
Google ''Hecate offerings'' and you should get a complete list, but stuff like garlic, raw eggs, keys, cypress, honey, dogs [don't kill dogs, but a toy dog, donate to an animal shelter, spend quality time with your dog] and certain cakes are associated with her. She's also a Goddess of crossroads, so it's encouraged to leave offerings at a crossroads for her. [It's also wise to do a spiritual cleanse before contacting her because she expects a certain level of respect]

I think Hecate cursed me I accidentally disrespected her multiple times:(

Feb 23, 2021
Did you do so knowingly? If yes, than leave her offerings. And don't pick what she doesn't like. Pick what she does like. Do it and everytime you do so ask her forgiveness. Also don't act rude and don't be:-racist, sexist, and don't abuse animals or children, or females, or anyone in fact. Then she might forgive you.

Feb 23, 2021
my first thought is how did you ''accidentally'' disrespect her ''multiple'' times? [Once I get, but multiple?] MoonFury makes some excellent points, if it was an accident, leave an offering she likes, say sorry, and live in a way that won't upset her more. I don't think Hecate cursed you, she can be a stern Goddess, but to think she cursed you is a step too far. Did she send misfortune your way to teach you a lesson? Absolutely possible. I don't work with Hecate, but I do work with another dark goddess, and when I was young and naive, I upset her. She didn't curse me, but she let me know her disapproval. Years later, when she returned, I didn't want to work with her [personal reasons] and she very forcefully told me I would. When I realized I made her mad, I got her a number of things she liked as offerings and did a giant ''I'm sorry, you were right'' ritual [basically me saying sorry but in fancy clothes] and things went back to normal. If she's upset with you, breath, think, realize what you did, and say sorry. After giving the offering, cleanse yourself and your space, and live your life with the lessons you learned from this experience [aka, don't do the thing that upset her again]

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