Be hungry

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You will get hungry fast

Casting Instructions for 'Be hungry'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Food
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Food
Look at your favorite food for a long time the say'' dear god I'm hungry that spell really works'' then you will be hungry not tested


Added to on Jul 18, 2017
Last edited on Jun 02, 2018
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... It works alright

Placebo. Stare at food and say you're hungry? It might work for people with eating disorders to overcome their negative self talk, but I would look into something with more substance [and maybe a professional if you have a problem eating]

Aug 11, 2019
Why do you always have to be a negative nelly in the comments all the time

Aug 11, 2019
You don’t always have to say that the spells don’t work because of logic. Here’s the point, people don’t want to hear that the spells don’t work because of some kind of random logic

Aug 11, 2019
Got it!

Aug 12, 2019
stating facts doesn't make me negative. [and in this case i was even giving a way this spell could work and trying to find a positive spin for it] i don't always say ''spells don't work because logic'' people just love yelling at me on the fake spells. i've commented on dozens of spells, and many of them do work and i said as much, but people seem to only notice the ones i point out are fake [because they are, magick doesn't contradict nature, i'm trying to explain this fact, not be ''negative''] if people don't want to hear the reality of magick it's their problem, not mine, because the fact is, real magick isn't like the movies, the majority of people who work with magick do so as part of their religion/spirituality and it's insulting when people refuse to accept the reality of real maigck. it's a natural energy that brings natural change. it doesn't contradict nature. this specific spell isn't a spell, you can edit it in some way, add energy, and turn it into something that could work for you, but as written right now, this won't work, and if you are struggling with an eating disorder and find this helps, good for you, but also speak to a specialist to get help. that was my point, if you want to ignore reality and name call, fine, don't be surprised when you learn the reality of magick [also, just post everything in one reply, what you did would be considered spamming the comments, got it!]

Aug 24, 2020
@Techfather11 her stating facts isn't being negative she is just telling the truth because magick as she said doesn't contradict nature

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