Energy Transfer (Object)

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A spell to transfer energy into an object. Useful for saving energy.

Casting Instructions for 'Energy Transfer (Object)'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • A calm and quiet place
  • Object(A pentacle necklace, or stone...something you hold dear to.)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • A calm and quiet place
  • Object(A pentacle necklace, or stone...something you hold dear to.)
Step 1:) Sit and close eyes. Have the object in hand.
Step 2:) Breath in and breath out.
Step 3:) Once you're ready, imagine a color of energy and imagine it covering yourself.
Step 4:) Then imagine the energy slowly flowing into the object you have in your hand.
Step 5:) Afterwards imagine the energy separating into two different sources, a small amount in your object and the rest in your body.
Step 6:) Take three deep breaths, then open your eyes.

Important Notes: This should be around three to four minutes to complete. Please do take your time. For clarification for step 5 try to make sure there is no more energy passing through your arm once you feel you have enough energy in your object.

Recommendations: I tried it with a small stone so I recommend it. It works.


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i think i will try this spell sounds like something thats would help out a lot .but one question will the energy saved in to the stone, will others holding your stone feel the energy you have saved in the stone?

Feb 14, 2019
If they can sense energy they can. I've had friends hold my Tarot cards and comment they can feel a lot of energy coming off them.

Mar 24, 2019
yes they will fell if you are giving it enough energy

Apr 19, 2020
Does this actually work ?

I feel it already great spell

will that energy transfer from your body, or will it just copy and paste

Feb 28, 2020
Transfer from the body to the object.

Feb 16, 2021
If it copy and pasted that would be an amazing feat. To double your energy and then put half of that into the object is super cool dude but I personally never heard of someone doing it.

How do you know it works

Jan 20, 2021
You may feel the energy from the object you transferred it in

Jan 20, 2021
You may feel the energy from the object you transferred it in

I like it! Thank you for sharing.

Would this spell also work for dolls and stuffed animals?

Feb 28, 2020

What would the energy in the object be used for?

Feb 28, 2020
Often as a way to remove the excess from you.

Nov 03, 2020
If you need a quick energy boost, you can absorb the energy in the stone

How do you transfer the energy back to you?

Feb 29, 2020
I dont know,i wish i could be of help...

Feb 29, 2020
I would say to hold the object and to imagine the energy flowing back to you.

Feb 29, 2020
That's exactly right. You can hold the object and visualize/feel the energy returning to you and flowing up your arms from the object.

Jul 30, 2021
Put it in ur hand what ever has ur magic close ur eyes an suck in the magic

Can kt be a dark energy and not a positive fuzzy and warm energy?

Feb 29, 2020
Magick energy is neutral, it's you who gives it the positive or negative charge. If you want it to be negative, reflect on negative emotions [anger, sadness, fear] instead of positive ones [happiness, love, wonder]

I want to try this should I

I can’t do it I try so hard and I just can’t do it

Apr 24, 2020
Can you already connect with energy? Start by connecting to the energy around us before tapping into the energy of objects. Try the tree exercise [there's a guide in the General Info section of the forums titled ''Grounding and Centering'' that can help] you might also consider starting by making psi balls so you can feel the energy in your hand. Gently rub your hands together [I also like to snap my fingers a few times as a ''wake up''] then slowly pull your hands apart and cup them as if you're holding a ball. Sit relaxed with your eyes closed [unless you prefer them open] and just feel the warmth in your hands. Visualize a small ball of energy [I tend to go with the Naruto/Dragonball imagery of a glowing electricity ball] Pull your hands apart slowly as the ball grows, then slowly bring then closer together as you condense this energy. As you do this, you should feel energy pushing against your hand like two magnets trying to push away from each other.

But how do you take the energy back?

Jun 26, 2020
You do the reverse.

Before, I tried to put energy into my Rubik's cube and I don't think it worked. Now, I know how to properly do it.

Can i take energy from others (in the opposite way)

Nov 01, 2020
You can drain energy from others [that's what psi vampires do naturally] and you can charge a person with energy [example, reiki]

Yes very good spell, I personally think to get the best results you should always start with success spells then psy ball which will inhance power converted

Could this technically be also done with people? Like, transferring good energy to someone, or would there be limitations/adversities? For example, more time needed or some other requirement as there could be a barrier blocking said energy within the person, or something like that?

Jun 20, 2023
Energy can be transferred to people, although you should probably get permission first if possible. I imagine the energy can be blocked by shielding.

Aided in protection on my talisman

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