Erectile Dysfunction Hex

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This spell is intended to be used by WOMEN ONLY! This hex will make sure your partner won't be able to perform in another womans bed. (Hoodoo Spell)

Casting Instructions for 'Erectile Dysfunction Hex'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Length of Red cord or Ribbon
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Length of Red cord or Ribbon
Time: Full or Waning Moon
Day : Friday or Saturn
Hour: Venus or Saturn

Measure your lovers penis, and cut the cord length to the measurement. Starting at the center of the cord, tie nine equidistant knots, saying with each one:

''With this Knot to me your tied,
Only for me shall you rise!
Only for me shall you grow,
And if wild oats you try to sow,
Limp and flaccid you shall be,
Until you come back home to me!''

Carry the cord with you at all times, and your lover won't be able to perform in another womans bed.


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That is sexist to say that this spell is for ''WOMEN ONLY!'' What about members of the LGBT community who are dateing man on man? Please modify this spell.

Mar 28, 2019
Historically some spells were ''woman only'' [say you were calling on ''divine feminine'' energies] and even today some paths have ''woman only'' circles [and sad to say some of those are for cis woman only, and not female identifying for a number of reasons, the common reasons being ''we're calling in divine feminine energy'' and ''some woman aren't comfortable around men'' which I'm not a fan of, but it happens] this all said, reading over this spell, I highly doubt you need to be cis female to cast it.

Does this work only for your lover or a parent or friends lover?

Oct 27, 2020
I’d think anyone u wish to hex just change the part of the incantation to say ur friends name instead of “me”

does this spell also include whether they are performing these sexual acts outside of a bed

Because this is a Hoodoo Spell, do you need to be invited to do the spell? What are the risk to the person casting the spell? and does this spell only work in ''another woman's bed?'' Plenty of places to have sex besides a bed. Thank you for the clarity.

Oct 04, 2021
This is a rather well-known spell [and this seems like a knot spell, not Hoodoo specific, but I'm not a practitioner of Hoodoo so I don't know if it is outside of the poster claiming it is] I've cast a few well know voodoo/hoodoo spells fine [my priestess follows many paths including voodoo and sells voodoo spells, so I've used oils and spells made by her] and nothing's negative has ever happened to me. However, I don't actively seek out spells/rituals from closed practices so take my advice with a grain of salt. This specific spell is fine since it's just a knot spell. However, regarding Hoodoo and other closed practices, some argue even if you're invited by a spirit, you're not welcome [many deities/spirits in these paths are actually tricking you to teach you a lesson] There isn't a physical risk to you, but spiritually you're playing with forces you don't understand and could get in spiritual trouble. [as I said, commonly known spells and ingredients being sold by people in the closed paths are fine, it's the deeper knowledge that's hidden you should avoid] And it would work whenever this man tries to have sex with someone that isn't the caster [but you also need to consider your motive. Erectile spells seem to have a way of turning on you if you're doing this for petty reasons]

Should the length of the cord be the size of an erect or soft penis?

Apr 21, 2023
Errect. It's also more effective if you soak it in his seminal fluid as it binds it to him energetically [not only a personal DNA link but the type of DNA and reason for the spell]

Do I have to keep the cord with me or can I put it somewhere he will not know of, so it stays with him?

Oct 04, 2023
He’s going out of town for work, but I’m worried a certain coworker that has attempted third party actions will be there too so I want to do this before he leaves and place it in his luggage… 👀 can I make two ropes, wear one and put the other with him?

Oct 04, 2023
You are meant to keep the cord with you as it is there to bind him (and his 'performance') to you and you only.

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