Dragon Soulmate Attraction

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If you are looking for your dragon love this spell is for you!

Casting Instructions for 'Dragon Soulmate Attraction'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pen and paper
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pen and paper

Clear your mind, once you are done then start to think of the greatest level of love. Feel it building in you. Now start to visalize a dragon (of the sex of your choice). Don't force it the dragon/ess will reveal itself if it feels your ultimate love and make a connection if he/she thinks you are ready! If you feel there presence then you can proceed with the spell!

Now listen to the dragon/ess. Their name will be revealed. Then take the pen and write it down. Once that's done focus on the great love once more, then transfer it into the dragon/ess. Visualize it leaving you and entering your mate. Feel the great bond between you and the dragon/ess. Once you are done you'll feel tired so you'll have to sleep to recover.


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What? Idk if something like this would be that easy. I'm pretty sure Dragons don't like to or just will not give their real names, so why would one instantly be your soulmate? I also feel like soulmate isn't the right word because for this to work that would mean everyone has a Dragon soulmate which Idk. I mean this could possibly help get a Dragon's attention but from what I know Dragons aren't very easy to build relationships with and you would still need to build a relationship with them for something like this to even come close to happen. I mean maybe if you built a relationship with a Dragon you could have one as a ''mate'' eventually...but I wouldn't count on it. Interesting idea though.

Sep 16, 2019
Shaderaven you are correct... But I do agree with dragonslove Remember all dragons are connected... Although they might not agree with one another the knowledge gets around of each being...each human...each spirit... And dragons have a fast, intricately connected spiritual network I speak only about what I know and comprend.... But I think he might be on to something here

I do not see this working. This might set your intention, but you will not get a dragon lover by writing ''I want one'' on some paper. Unless you already work with dragons, I also doubt this would work to connect with them at all.

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