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Name: dragonslove
Birthday: Jan 14 1995
Location: blue saddles
Gender: Male
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I am different
Everything I do is!
Why I have no idea
Do I want to be normal?
Why you ask
Well everybody is different just like me but most if not all people can't come close to my scale of being different they get 0.00 on the scale they measure me on I think if I go on the normal one it would brake immediately
And who els reads a 3k+ story in one hour?
Or write so good long story/article in the amount of time I do it?
And I would not give it up for any or every thing
Yes it has its own elaborate maze of problems that is why I'm so unique I can cope with that while most don't even try to be like me that is the first thing the second thing you must brake the invisible/mental barrier of CONFORMITY and to do that you must be very smart and emotionally strong or very dumb(witch is some times so smart that you are dumb(because you tend to make sure that its rite and you focas on all the mistakes you don't want to make that you forget that you already did them and do them again or you think you already did them because you are so smart that you do everything ahead of time which in turn let's you skip some of the steps!
I am crazy-random-brave-wierd-fearless-fast-observant person so pleas beware of that
I believe dragons exist
I believe that I have ±7 macical gifts/talents
I love imagination !