The Lock of Hair

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If you are attracted to someone but he or she seems indifferent to your charms,try this simple spell to turn their head.

Casting Instructions for 'The Lock of Hair'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A lock of the other persons hair
  • A rose-scented incense stick
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A lock of the other persons hair
  • A rose-scented incense stick

When the ingredients have been consecrated,light the incense stick. When it's fragrance is filling your sacred space, repeat your-would-be lover's name several times, saying after each time:

"Love me now as I love you,
And it harm none, so be it"

The words said, hold the lock of hair close enough to the burning incense to let it start to singe. As it frizzles, see the other person's indifference evaporating and being replaced by a passion as strong as your own. The spell cast, leave the incense to burn out, letting it's fumes drift into the atmosphere.


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how are uou meant to get the lock of hair???

Jun 12, 2019
up to you to figure out the best way. while i don't approve of stealing anothers dna, you could take a hairbrush, carefully pick one off their shoulder, or be bold and rip it out of their head like in The Craft [personally, if i needed someones hair i would go with the hairbrush option] using anothers dna in a spell specifies the spell to the person, you could go with another spell, or switch it out for something easier to get like nail clippings, saliva, or blood. reading over this spell, i would just use a picture instead of hair.

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