Moon Money Spell

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Simple chant for the drawing of money into your life..

Casting Instructions for 'Moon Money Spell'

This spell is part of our Moon Magic Series.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper Money
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper Money
From new moon until full moon...identify the moon in the sky...stand outdoors if possible and place a paper dollar (or other note depending on your country)on each palm.
Repeat the following three times-

Moon Moon oh beautiful Moon...
Fairer by far than any star..
Moon Moon if it so be...
bring money and wealth to me...
So mote in be

You should start to notice a change in your finances for the better.
Love and Light


Added to on May 08, 2012
Last edited on Jul 27, 2018
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sounds possible, but you should work towards your goal, and also it would be wise to start on the new moon if you wish to draw money to you. if you wish to remove the obstacles first start on the full moon.

Aug 20, 2021
To remove obstacles that are blocking your draw of money or a different obstacle? The 22nd will be a full moon so asking for clarity as thr next new moon isn't until Sept 7th. Thank you for your insight.

Aug 21, 2021
New to full moon draws things towards you while the full to the new moon takes things away [the energy flows like the tide] The full moon is the peak of the moon's energy so all spells work then. You can cast any spell at any time, but if you choose to cast following the natural flow of energy, a simple way to remember is the moon growing bigger so you're increasing what you want, the moon growing small will take away what you don't want. [but again, it's more of a guideline than a rule]


I did this last night on the new moon and I found 0.35 cents on the floor at work. Yay

Oct 22, 2020
thats not much money i mean it could be a sign or just a coincidence you know

The new moon is a sign of new beginnings. I think this should be started on the new moon.

I started this on a new moon and I'm very happy to say that this works like a charm! Thank you @Stargate...I've rated 5 stars for the same. :)

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