To Find a Lost Object

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Is there something you're looking for? Then, this is what you need. WARNING: Does not always work the way as intended.

Casting Instructions for 'To Find a Lost Object'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 white candle (a tea light works too as long as it's white)
  • a slip of paper
  • a pen
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 white candle (a tea light works too as long as it's white)
  • a slip of paper
  • a pen
Write the name of the object you are looking for on the slip of paper. Then, light the candle or tea light and ignite the paper with the candle or tea light. As the paper burns, say the spell five times:

I call upon the forces that you have bound,
For an object of mine needs to be found.
Whether it be lost or stolen,
Seek out this object as this charm is spoken.

When the paper has burned completely, blow out the candle or tea light and have compete faith that this spell will work.


Added to on Jul 25, 2012
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Do I have to hold the paper as it burns because if I hold it until it burns completely I will burn my hand too

Apr 09, 2020
No, once the paper is lit, you should put it down someplace to burn.

This spell worked so well for me! I lost an item from one of my close friends, and soI tried out this spell...I found it 3 hours later!

Jan 25, 2020
how did you hold the paper?

Have to burn it because I can't set things on fire I'm only 16 is nowhere to say on fire where I'm at

It'll be somebody else's too but does it have to be lost though can it just be missing for them like they just had it earlier and now it's gone because you did the spell

can i put more than 1 object on paper

Jul 22, 2023
Assuming this works at all, I'd keep it to one item per paper. That'll help focus the spell instead of spreading it out.

This was my first spell. I’d lost something expensive and looked everywhere for weeks. I did this spell and started finding many lost objects and then within 48 hours found that item in a place it shouldn’t have even been.

This sounds plausible. I would focus on the object and charge the paper with your intention. Think about the last time you had the object and be as detailed as possible. I would chant longer but do what you feel works best. The description claims it does not always work as intended. I feel this would indicate you might learn what happened to the object and not find the actual object. Personally, scrying works better to locate an object verses a spell. A spell sends your intent out in the hopes of attracting the object. Scrying will narrow down its location, which works better when you lost something and know the general area of where it could be. You lost your phone somewhere in your house, you should scry. You return home and realize you are missing your phone, cast this spell. Try calling it and looking for it too, obviously.

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