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Have you ever broken a rune from your set or known someone who has? This is how you can fix it.

Casting Instructions for 'Fix a Broken Rune'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • New stone to replace the old one.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • New stone to replace the old one.

Have you ever broken a rune from your set or known someone who has? this is how you can fix it. pick a new stone to replace the old one-this stone should match the rest of the stones(same type. You will need a carving knife,paint that matchs the paint on your set, lots of salt, white silk,an appropiate illuminator candle(whatever colour you are comfortable with-this colud be your primary secondary colour or a lunar charged), a cleansing herb(such as white sage),concentration. A new moon.

Make yourself comfortable and ground yourself before calling the elements and casting your circle. Then take the chosen stone and begin to carve the symbol into it while saying what the stone is to represent when drawn-there is no specific deepness it all depends on you-you will be able to feel it when it is done. When you are done start to paint the symbol on while ryrhmically asking the god and godess for blessing and statin what the stone is for ect. You will find that the words flow to you. Then tale the sage and cleanse the whole set thanking the god and godess for helping you make the set whole again. Then excuding the broken one put all the stones in the satchet and wrap them in the white silk asking that they be healed under the light of the new moonand they are joined and made as a set; then sprinkle some salt over the silk. Put the broken rune in a tiny cup of sea salt so that it may be cleansed and buryed into the earth when the ground is thawed. Thank any spirits/gods/elements who may have been present and close the circle. Place the runes on a window sill (in the silk) were they can recieve full light of the moon and leave them there overnight. you should pay some kind of thanks to the gods for their help by planting flowers or giving them fruit. It is very important that you give your thanx; especially to odin weho brought us the runes.
Blessed be.
druid -awen


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Each rune has a spirit linked to them, so while you can call to Oden when you create the runes, you need to make amends with the rune spirit and give an offering to the spirit.

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