Becca's H20 Mermaid

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This spell turns you into a h20 mermaid.

Casting Instructions for 'Becca's H20 Mermaid'

You will need the following items for this spell:

You will need the following items for this spell:


First off take a piece of jewelry and put it in water. And then focus on you being a mermaid and the color tail and pwoers you want. Then say this chant only one time:


"Twists and twirls of the sea, can you speak to me? Grant me to be a h20 living creature. I would like powers to protect the sea, so mote and make this me. I'd like a shiny tail scince I'm a girl, so make it be. I live as a mermaid, let it be because I invoke thee. Sea living objects, will you make this me? This is who I wish to be. Please make me what I deserve to be, a human like fish is me. So mote me be. I'd have the tail the color () and thy power () please this is all I need to protect myself and the sea. Sea belongs, human does not. I'm free to be no longer insdie humanity. So mote it be. I grant a wish of the sea. Just this one for me."


Say that only one time and in three days you should get your tail and your power.

Side effects are:

Legs itching, legs crossing, sudden thirst.



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An H2O mermaid as opposed to what? Mermaids by their lore are found in water. Either way, you cannot become a mermaid.

Mar 31, 2020
I must admit, I wish 10 year old me had this comment around to stop me before trying every spell like this I could find, lol. Also, Madoka Magica quote in your bio, nice.

What was the jewelry for?

Jun 28, 2019
Nothing really, this spell is based off the fantasy tv show, H2O Just Add Water, in this show they all wear a piece of jewellery, it isn't possible to become a mermaid in real life, so the necklace and the spell is rather useless.

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