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A spell that allows you and someone else to connect your physical or spiritual bodies.

Casting Instructions for 'Physical and Spiritual Connection'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A pen or a marker (a permanent marker if possible)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A pen or a marker (a permanent marker if possible)

This spell is used to encorage the other person aking part in this ritual to stop self harming. If they self harm under the effects of this ritual, the other person will end up getting hurt too. Do this at your own risk.

The two of you either should either stand or sit opposite each other in a quite room. Although this is not technically required, it does help strengthening the connection.Make sure you both are looking deep into each others eyes and concentrate on the others body and soul. Clear both your minds and imagine both your auras intertwining and connecting between you both.

Once you both feel a strong bond forming. Take out the pen or marker and draw a symbol, word or phrase that means something to you both on each others wrist. (I believe a butterfly usually works best, also don't worry about breaking eye contact, its important you draw a good symbol, your focus on the bond is much more important as well.)

Once the symbol, word or phrase has been drawn, look into each others eyes again and hold onto each others wrists, covering the symbols with your hands. Imagine your auras rushing into each others bodys through this link and say the words "through this, our bodies are now one."

Slowly let go and visualize a cord of energy connecting you both together by the wrists. Like I said before, this is a spell that should be used in order to encourage another to stop self harming. If they self harm, the other person will feel it too. Knowing this the person who self harms should stop self harming and get out of the habit.

Washing the symbol off of it fading away does not break the bond. In order to break the bond, foll these steps: Hold each others wrists covering the symbols (or at least where they used to be) and look into each others eyes, visualizing both your auras and the bond between you both.

Say the words "With this, we sever our bonds" and let go of each others wrists, visualizing the cord breaking as you let go. Wash the symbol off if you still have it, if you don't, its a good idea to give your wrists a good clean anyway.


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I applaud the authors intention, but you will not be linked in a way that if one person is injured, the other will receive the same injury instantly. Perhaps a healing spell for your friend, talking to them, being there to listen when they are ready to open up. These things would be far more effective than this spell. As for creating a spiritual bond, it is possible, it is called binding. This one specifically I do not know how well it would work, but you can try it. Do not expect grandiose changes. Bindings can give you a special connection, such as sensing when the other is in need, or always running into them Bindings will not give you a physic link where you can communicate in your mind, or if one is injured the other is also injured.

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