vampire spell/ritual/potion that may work

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This may work.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Blood from yourself and a human and/or period blood ( opt )
  • Graveyard dust/dirt
  • Corpse water
  • bone from a bat
  • bone from a graveyard ( opt )
  • Knife to get your blood out with
  • Fire safe bowl or cup and/or glass
  • Spoon for mixing
  • Your spit and a little bit of your hair
  • Hair from the enemy
  • Lighter
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Sweat from yourself and from the enemy
  • Bat's Blood
  • Ashes of a loved one or other ashes
  • One ring
  • 12:00pm to 3:00am
  • Alone
  • Cast circle ( opt )
  • Sexual juices ( opt )
  • Beleaf in witchcraft, vampires, and the Goddess Hecate
  • Outside or Graveyard
  • No disruptions at all
  • Water from a stream, Moon water, Rose water, and/or Holy water
  • Crossroad dust/dirt
  • Yourself

Casting Instructions for 'vampire spell/ritual/potion that may work'

Put all of the ingredients in the bowl except for the blood,  moon water, corpse water, crossroad dirt, graveyard dirt, bat's blood, and locks of hair from you and the enemy.  Don't mix yet.  Now say this while adding your own blood while cutting yourself to the bowl:  

~~~ With this knife I cut my ( hand,arm,wrist,finger,ect ) to draw thy own blood from inside of me!~~~ Now cut yourself in the area you just said.  Then say:    ~~~ With this blood I add to me the vampire that's locked inside of me. I add this blood to this bowl that's right in front of me. I am now becoming what I was born to be!~~~ Add the blood to the bowl that's sitting in front of you.   Then say:   ~~~ With this blood from thy own enemy I take what's mine from inside of ( Enemy's full name )  whose powers have wrongfully been used to hurt me. They are weak and I am strong I take what lies they have made of me. With this blood I control thy own enemy. They can not run and they can not hide from the power and anger that they've caused me. I now bind them to the darkness that they have come from. I own their heart and I own their soul. Now I add this blood to the bowl in front of me.~~~  Add the blood to the bowl.  Now, say:   ~~~ With thy own locks of hair I add to this bowl in front of me I now am starting the vampire transformation that I ought to be. With thy own enemy's locks of hair I forbid thee to cause any hurt unto me.~~~  Add the locks to the bowl.  Now if you have the bat's blood say:   ~~~ With this bat's blood that I add to this bowl in front of me I ask of the vampires to come and transform me.~~~  Add the bat's blood now if you have it.   Now say:   ~~~ With this Moon Water that I've made for thee.  Oh Goddess of Darkness infertile Queen please won't you hear and answer my plea? Oh Goddess Hecate come to me. Hecate the Goddess of Crossroads and Queen of Witchcraft I invoke thee to come to me and transform me into your ( Daughter or Son ) tonight. If you can not come to me then please send me one of your children to come and bite me, so that I can become a ( Vampiress or Vampire ) of the night like I was born to be.~~~   Add the Moon Water to the bowl.   Now if you have corpse water say:  ~~~ With this Corpse Water I thank the corpse for helping me become a undead immortal vampire that I am meant to be. Let the spirit of the dead enter into this magical Corpse Water and bid me welcome as a being of the night. I welcome the lost souls to come and surround me in their welcomeing darkened unholy imbrace.~~~  If you have the Corpse Water add it to the bowl now.  Now, say:   ~~~ With this Crossroad dust and Graveyard dust I bring forth the spirits and lost souls of the dead to grant me thy praise and welcome as a new born vampire of the night. My transformation is almost complete, but I still have to write my name in blood and ink on a piece of paper that I have offered thee.  Oh Goddess Hecate I thankth thee for loving and accepting me into your welcomeing arms thanks unto thee.  Now, I thanks the spirits for helping me gain what's rightfully mine tonight. With this pen I write to the Goddess Hecate I write my name in full, I write my age, I write my gender, I write my place in which I live in full, I write my race in full, I write my hair color that I was born with, I write my true eye color, I write my ( Wiccan or Pegan name ) in full, I write my powers that I want as a vampire, I write my weight in pounds in full, I write my height I am right now, I write what I want to be ( Vampire ), I write three wishes that will be granted unto me as a vampire, I write what strengths and weakness make me as a new vampire, and I write my thanks to the spirits that have helped me. I sign my name in blood and in ink and I will never forget this night that changed me.~~~  Do all of that now while mixing the ingredients together. Then drink about four shollows of the mixture or drink almost half of the mixture if you like, but be warned that this much may just end up harming you greatly because of the blood, but be careful when using this high amount of the mixture. Don't forget to date the paper before signing in blood.  Now after signing your name in blood draw a inverted pentagram on top of all of the words in blood from the mixture.  Next, fold the paper as many times as you like and smear your blood and the mixture on top of the folded paper that doesn't have any words on that side if you can't then just smear it on top. You don't have to make a design with the smeared blood just smear it. Then, take the lighter and lite the paper on fire and let it sit on top of the mixture making sure it doesn't get too wet.  Once the flame goes out on it's own stir the mixture again with the spoon.  Next, dip two fingers into the mixture and lick it off your fingers making sure you get all of it off. Now, you drink one more sip of the mixture. Making sure to leave enough of the mixture to pour some on the ground where you are right now and pour some near your house.  While leaving some to the Goddess and spirits as an offering.  After, doing all of this then say:  ~~~ Thank you Goddess and thank you spirits I bid you farewell and I bid thee part. Thank you all for doing your parts. By the power of three my will be done as tho wilt so mote it be! So mote it be!~~~


And you are now done. go home and sleep and email me the side effects if there are any. Email me after doing this spell/ritual/potion and tell me what happened. Tell me what I can do to make this spell/ritual/potion better.  Please and thank you. Bless it be.

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By Bat's Blood do you mean actual blood from an actual bat or do you mean bat's blood oil or ink?

May 10, 2019
I would like to believe they mean bats blood oil, but you never know. Either way this won't turn you into a vampire, it started out sounding like a curse using blood magick and calling on vampires which seemed plausible, but you cannot transform into a vampire. I would alter this to suit your needs as a dedication to astral vampires or as a spell calling on them.

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