Mermaid Potion

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This potion will turn you into a mermaid when you wear the symbol, and if you don't wear it, you won't turn. Message me if this works! *I'm still testing this.*
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 cup
  • Salt
  • Cold water
  • Necklace (bracelet is acceptable)
  • Nightime 8pm - 4am
  • Colored paper (the color you want your tail)

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid Potion'

Before doing this spell remember the exact time you did it. First, put the cold water into the cup and add salt (the more salt you put, the more you will want to be in the water, the less you put, you wont crave going in water as much) then place the necklace (or bracelet) in the cup. Next, put the colored paper over the cup (just place it on top, not inside). Now say:

I wish to be a mermaid, as graceful as a dolphin. I wish to have a tail when I touch water. Bless this necklace (or bracelet) to give me this power. So mote it be.

Then, take the paper off of the cup and crumple it up, throwing it inside the water. Take out your necklace or bracelet and set it down to dry, do not rinse it off. Then go to bed. (Leave the cup of water with the paper inside in a dark place such as a drawer). When you wake up, your necklace or bracelet should be dry, and put it on. Then take the water out of the dark place, and dump it down the sink, you may throw the cup and paper away. Then go about your business, but do not touch water. This spell takes a while, and has to be done without mistakes. Dont touch any water that day. Then, at the same time you did the spell, go into the bathroom, and run some cold water from a sink. With the symbol on, let the water run over your hand. No, you will not turn into a mermaid. You will feel a tingle in your legs, they will get wobbly, and you may fall. Then, exactly ten minutes after youve done this, go touch water again, with the symbol on. You will then get your tail! To not have your tail anymore, simply dry yourself off. If you dont want to turn, just simply take off the bracelet or necklace. Side Effects: Not wanting to walk- depends on how much salt you used Always thirsty Dizzy Craving salty foods Being attracted to the water Message me if this works, I am currently going to this myself.


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