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This spell can make you a mermaid if you believe. It will not work for everyone and I have not tried it because I am not ready to be a mermaid. Remember that you'll have 5-10 seconds after touching water before you get your tail. Every drop of water, including rain water and certain body products containing water, will transform you into a mermaid at any given time. Be careful, do not tell anyone about your powers. Do not say this spell on a full moon or while dry. Say it at midnight for best results. It takes time, a long time, but does work. My friend tried the spell and it did not work for her because she didn't believe and told others about the powers she was experiencing. Another one of my friends got a tail, but did a reverse spell because she was in shock from the spell actually working. She said the spell took 3 months and a couple days. So it's not a fast acting spell but it works well if you believe and practice transformation magic often. Unfortunately I know no one right now who is a mermaid from my spell because they all did reverse spells and gave up their tails:( they just thought it was a joke- which it isn't. Please only say the spell with real intentions of becoming a mermaid. Let me know if it works I would love more mermaid friends

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bath tub
  • 1 seashell
  • Symbol (any jewelry is fine)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bath tub
  • 1 seashell
  • Symbol (any jewelry is fine)
First you will need to run a bath and gather your seashell. It can be any shell as long as it's real and found on the beach! Not bought in a shell shop! Step in the bath and be soak. Rub the shell all over your body for about 10 minutes. Then close your eyes and say this spell:
I call the goddesses of the sea
Give the power of a tail to me
Swimming magic in the water
Tails of scales to be
Make me a mermaid so mote it be

You'll need to say this 10 times. Side effects:
Nausea, vomiting, trouble breathing, stomach pain, headaches, dry lips, patchy skin, hair growth, shiny legs, legs want to touch, thirst, wanting to be in water more often. If you are a girl, you may miss a period. This is normal its just your tail developing. If you are super young you won't have to worry about that:) give this spell TIME and DEVOTION and it may work for you! Be careful and stay away from red mermaids, serpents, and nymphs (these will appear in your dreams often now, and they have very bad intentions). Red mermaids are actually demons who want your soul and power. Serpents want to eat you. Nymphs will try to seduce you. They can also be in male form. Let me know any new side effects you experience during your transformation period and feel free to ask me any questions!


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This spell does not work and no amount of twinking will make it work, you can not become anything but a human. You could become a human who knows how to cast spells, work with energy, and raise spirits. You could even study Voodoo and worship the Lwa La Sirene who is sometimes known as a mermaid. But you can not and will not transform into a mermaid.

Aug 06, 2019
Saying magick works if and only if you believe hard enough is a complete oversimplification of magick, Wolf. The idea that magick is practically a synonym for belief excludes many legitimate practices that require other things and ignores the fact that magick works with nature. There are many ways to cast spells even if one has some doubts, and believing hard enough simply can't override biology. Magick is a natural force, so it's impossible for it to work against what's naturally possible.

You cannot become a mermaid. No amount of belief will ever overpower reality. The reality is that Magic is a natural energy that does not work against nature. Humans do not physically transform into other creatures by thinking hard enough, so no spell will ever change that fact.

Apr 08, 2020
This is an open forum where anyone can comment, provided it does not break the site rules. As I have explained, Real Magic has limitations, not every spell on this site works, and I wish to help new members by steering them away from the fake ones such as this spell. You can work with mermaids and other water spirits, but you cannot physically transform into one. Working with them on a spiritual level is possible, become one on the physical is not. It is just a fact of Real Magic you need to accept.

Just believe trust me it works don't worry about the negative comments if you believe it will happen

Oct 04, 2019
It will not, these are not ''negative comments'' they're facts. Magick is a natural energy that doesn't contradict nature. This spell contradicts nature, therefore it does not work. You can work with spiritual mermaids and use their symbolism in your craft, but you will never physically become one because that's not how magick works

Jun 19, 2020
you cannot defy nature mermaids aren't real but belief can do so much except break physical laws of science

Hi, I do mermaiding as a hobby! Listen, you will never become a blood mermaid. That girl in the photo is wearing a Mahina mermaid monofin (very good quality, but wear scuba socks, it chafes a lot). A monofin is what you wear in order to do the dolphin kick (that wave-like motion) with propulsion. If you want to become a mermaid, check out They are good tail-makers for a very good price. Mertailor is also good, and Finfolk has an array of beautiful fabric tails. I would wait until getting a full silicone (the tails you see in movies) because they range from 600 to 6,000 dollars. Feel free to DM me about mermaiding as a hobby, but you CANNOT BECOME A MERMAID. Mermaids are water spirits, not corporeal creatures.

Apr 08, 2020
That sounds wonderful, and I can see how you could incorporate your mermaiding hobby into your spiritual path and make it a way to honour their energy. You are correct in your statement that you cannot become a mermaid, Trintarian3, and I applaud you in finding a way to become a mermaid while understanding you cannot use Magic to do it.

Most of this is from Mako Mermaids or H20 on Netflix.

Dec 19, 2020
Its funny how shows can make people believe they can do this and everything but you cant become a mermaid they are mythical creatures but also astral beings and nice profile picture

i tried it...recently i hate eating fish because i feel really bad for them...before this spell i used to love eating fish..i really want to get a tail..i really believe and it will come true.

Aug 18, 2021
This spell is fake, therefore I highly doubt it will work.

But this spell is rated 5 star and have a beautifull pictures on it?

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