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Name: Trinitarian3
Birthday: Aug 20 1998
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HERESY by Ella Wheeler Wilcox (excerpt)

The world has a thousand creeds, and never a one have I:
Nor church of my own, though a million spires are pointing the way on high.
But I float on the bosom of faith, that bears me along like a river:
And the lamp of my soul is alight with love, for life, and the world, and the Giver.

Hello, beautiful shiny people! I'm Trini and I'm a Christian Witch . This means I follow Jesus, God, and the Goddess. My main incarnation is Brigid , goddess of the Hearth. I've been studying magic seriously since December of 2014 and I still consider myself a beginner

I also have anxiety, so please include a subject in your message and let me know what you want to talk about.


Things I Do:

  1. Meditation
  2. Clairaudience
  3. Astral Projection
  4. Mermaid Oracle and Tarot
  5. Prayer Magick
  6. Devotionals

Things I DO NOT Do:

  1. Convert people
  2. Cast spells for people
  3. Do readings for people
  4. Teach people
  5. Reply to people hitting on me
  6. Reply to people saying I can't be a Christian Witch
  7. Believe someone when they say they are a neko, demon, vampire, god/ess, mermaid, etc.
  8. Put up with arrogance.
  9. Give out my number, messenger, Kik, or whatever kids are doing these days

Things I Want To Do:

  1. Hearth Witchery
  2. Ocean Witchcraft
  3. Write a half decent spell
  4. Read my bible once through
  5. Study Kaballah
  6. Study Gnosticism
  7. Study Irish Mythology
  8. Find mental stability
  9. Be a better person

That should be it. Thanks for reading! :D