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This is more of a meditation that will help you meet your Dragon guide/protector.

Casting Instructions for 'Find Your Dragon Guide'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

First take 5 or more deep breaths 1, 2, 3... 1, 2, 3... ect. Once relaxed, visualize yourself standing in either a field or forest. Walk a bit until you see a cave. Enter the cave with confidence and study the terrain. Is there mountains? Forests? Rivers? Walk to the nearest open area (plain or field)

Call out: "Please reveal to me what Dragon is here to help me" Study every detail of what dragon comes up to you. It may or may not be your guide/protector.

If it is, ask him/her a little about themselves. Tell them a little about yourself and who you are and what you want them to help you with. If they want any help from you, help them. If you are not comfortable with the Dragon, then it will most likely leave.

If it is not your Dragon guide/protector, then ask the Dragon if it could show you who/where your Dragon guide/protector is. But remember, Dragons speak in riddles. Just a warning.

Once you have met and politely parted with them, you MUST walk back through the cave to where you started. 


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Already succeeded months ago

It's been a while since I read Dancing with Dragons but I feel this this very similar to DJ Conways guided meditation, which helped me and works really well.

Jun 23, 2019
Out of curiosity, what happens if you don't walk back out of the cave before opening your eyes?

Jun 24, 2019
You might need to do the meditation again, or try to get back into the same deep meditation you were in before opening your eyes. You might also have a vision while you sleep. Nothing negative will happen, it's just you need to finish the meditation, otherwise you might have a slight connection you need to break to be 100% back in your physical self.

Apr 06, 2021
Nekoshema I belive you on how magic works, but I got some question for you, first off if you learned how to astral project, what did the dragons look like, were they anthro dragons or normal ones, and can you travel into a fictional worlds like from cartoons, tv shows, or video game, cause if I want to know before I start astral projection.

Apr 07, 2021
Well, it's been a while since I've visited the astral [I connect with Dragons in meditations, trances and dreamscapes more nowadays] but by ''normal'' do you mean European Dragons? I've seen many different types of Dragons from many different cultures. Different sizes, colours, and mannerisms, so it's hard to generalize. As for entering cartoons and other fictional worlds, personally never tried, so maybe? You can create your own realm and design it to look like a show [how I'm not 100% sure as I've never been interested in trying, but I've been told by several people it's possible, and since we can create thoughtforms, I don't see why you can't create realms on the astral]

May 02, 2021
I think people's ''happy places'' or something could count as astral worlds I suppose Nekoshema. I personally once tried creating a realm (always stormy and rain keeps on coming. No sun, just darkness in the sky above. No moon either. There's a clock for seeing time. There's also 13 yew trees surrounding my house. Only animals around for now. A temple for Hecate, Hestia, and Apollo too). Never got around to completing it though. Too much hard work.

Jun 17, 2021
Nekoshema,how can I visualize because I am having a hard time trying to visualize

Nov 21, 2021
Nekoshema what if he tell me to drink the water

Nov 21, 2021
@JacobePoole, sorry for the late reply [didn't see it] Visualization is a skill you can improve. Start small and work your way up. imagine the colour red, then move on to a red circle, then a red ball, then imagine bouncing the red ball [how does it sound, smell, feel] eventually, move on to larger picture.

Nov 21, 2021
@Zawmyowin what your personal guide tells you isn't up for my or anyone else interpretation. This could mean any number of things from symbolically drinking from the well of knowledge to you need to physically drink more water. Personally, if in my meditation I was by a body of water, I would assume the Dragon referred to that, and I would have taken a sip [unless the water looked polluted in some way, then I might have questioned it as the Dragon may have been trying to teach me something]

See, I go off of How To Train Your Dragon dragons, so...

What if I hear a deep voice that says ''Enter one the seeks guidance of the spirit''?

Jun 12, 2019
then enter it. it's been a long time since i did this meditation, but i heard echoed breathing, it's probably different for everyone, just go with your instinct, plus they welcomed you in.

Jun 24, 2019
When you do enter be very kind and respectful this is most likely an old dragon possibly of the last wearle treat them with great honour

Sep 18, 2020
Enter it, if they welcomed you, enter it. They will, like most people, probably find it weird or outright rude if you refuse or run away.

It didn't work for me

I probably did something wrong, because I only succeeded in falling asleep

Sep 11, 2020
There's a chance you aren't ready to work with dragons yet. They don't usually show themselves to new witches, so it could be that, or you weren't trying hard enough. OR you did see the dragons in a dream which resulted from you falling asleep, but you forgot your dream and your encounter with the dragon

Jan 19, 2021
Or, in all likelihood, you chose to go into meditation at a time when you were tired, at the end of your day, or under-rested. Meditation places you into a state of calm and focus, prime conditions for the body to drop into rest. Try re-doing the meditation earlier in the day, after having a good rest. Try sleeping the night (at least getting seven hours of rest), get up, do a couple small things for an hour or so to get yourself up and awake, then give the meditation a go. ...Just hold off on eating breakfast until after. A full stomach can be distracting or even uncomfortable.

How can you tell if it’s your guardian?

Nov 09, 2019
the usually tell you they're your guardian

Sep 18, 2020
How do you feel when you see that dragon? A feeling of calmness and acceptance, or just a really good feeling can be a good sign that you've found your guardian.

What exactly can they help you with?

Jan 17, 2020
Just out curiosity.

Jan 19, 2020
Dragons are astral beings. As with fae, demons, and angels, they are higher spiritual beings who can give you guidance, protection, and aid in spells [deities are similar, just more spiritual energy] according to Dragon Magick, guardian Dragons are younger Dragons who protect your home, while a Dragon guide is an older Dragon who helps you on your path. You meet your guide and guardian as you progress on the path, so many begin by working with an elemental Dragon they meet when they first introduce themselves and request to join the path.

Sep 11, 2020
Dragons are powerful beings. Some exist in the physical realm, others within the astral realm. Some go back and forth as they please, others stay on their side of the veil. They are powerful beings who can grant you protection, wealth, and add a strong boost to spell power.

Sep 11, 2020
They can also heal I think

Sep 11, 2020
Dragon's do travel between realms, though they're not physical beings on the physical realm [they interact similar to spirits with the physical] Dragon's mostly give wisdom and protection, but they can be called on for pretty much anything. [wealth spells are a big one too] So, you can call on them for healing [physically, emotionally, spiritually] though it depends on the element [water Dragon's are better with healing from what I've found] and don't expect a Dragon to appear and instantly heal a broken arm. They're giving energy to help speed healing, not preforming miracles.

Sep 18, 2020
They can also teach you special rituals or help you with parts of magick you struggle with. They can help develop magickal ability

What does it mean when you hear something but you dont know the language Because I heard some form of speech but couldnt understand it

Apr 18, 2020
Your third eye might still be closed, or they are speaking but you are not at the spiritual level to comprehend it. When I started working with Dragons, they usually gave one-word answers or used body language to convey what I need to know.

Sep 11, 2020
If you saw a dragon, try to remember the basic features. If it had wings and a tail, and was scaly, than it most likely is a European Dragon, and will likely speak in a language that Europeans speak. If it had no wings but had whiskers and a horses's head, it's probably a Chinese or Japanese dragon, or Korean. If that's the case, than it'll probably speak in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Another possible thing to consider is that your third eye is closed, like Nekoshema pointed out, and you should try meditations and spells to open it

The dragon called him self Marduk and he only agreed to help me after we battled

Sep 11, 2020
Marduk is supposed to be a Babylonian god. One of his symbols is a dragon who's name I sadly cannot recall

Sep 11, 2020
The dragon who symbolizes Marduk was a dragon who battled Marduk, and afterwards somehow became his symbol and partner

Do all dragons speak in riddles? Because mine just spoke normally.

Apr 18, 2020
They don't. [mine can be rather direct] they just enjoy riddles and word games. I'm bad at them so most of the time they're direct with me. Occasionally my guardian Dragon will ask me riddles for fun, but it's not like ''I will help you if you will answer me these questions three'' I haven't met a Dragon that does that. It's more for entertainment.

Sep 11, 2020
Probably not. Some may for entertainment, but when it's urgent, they'll probably get right to the point instead of beating around the bush

Apr 05, 2021
Sometimes it also just feels like a riddle because the answer doesn't make sense yet. IE there are still some dots you need to connect before you can see the whole picture. Or, as my own guide is apt to do, they will answer a question with a question of their own. Rather than give you the answer (and spoil the learning), the goal may be to change the direction of your thoughts, redirecting you into a line of observation that will let you lead yourself to the answer. ... Tell a person what path to take, and they may reach a destination. Teach a person how to read a map, and they will never be lost again.

When imagined the field it was on fire is this good?

Sep 18, 2020
How did you feel? Were you scared? Fire can be destructive, but it can also symbolize passion. If you came across a fire Dragon, you were in their element, meaning they were comfortable and in control of the fire. Reflect on your experience, that should give you the answer.

Is it normal to feel a constant presence against my shoulder blades while communing with your guide?

Sep 25, 2020
My guide was a sea dragon, her scales made almost seemingly blend with the deep waters around me. Said her name was Azuruma.Also, my guide mentioned a nordic ancestor of mine she spoke quite fondly of him. Could a connection to an ancestor be that strong for a guide to be connected to a descendant?

Sep 25, 2020
Regarding your first comment, your Guide might be making contact with you in that area and that's why you feel that [while I haven't felt that with Dragons, I've had a number of spirits who will touch my arm or back when communicating] As for your second question, I don't work with ancestors, so I'm not sure. It could be your Guide worked with your ancestor and their energy can be felt within you [if that's what you're asking] or your Guide can help you connect with that specific ancestor since they share a bond [if that's the question. I was a little confused]

what if i see a person

Sep 29, 2020
I would assume it's actually a spirit guide, or perhaps the Dragon chose to appear in a human form, but that's less common.

How can I do this, do I need to be in a meditative state, can I just do a lucid dream or something-?

Jan 14, 2021
It's a guided meditation, but if you're better with lucid dreaming, you could do it before bed and it should work for you.

When I did this, I slightly changed it up. I didn't visualize anything and simply took 6 deep breaths, calming and silencing my mind. There was a dragon, I think beige or brown in color. He asked why I was there (and when he did this, he was pretty angry. I also got a head-ache for no real reason). I told him that I was curious. He told me that unless I was willing to practise the dragon's path, I couldn't go ahead. I'm not proud of this, but Hecate, the goddess I worked with, was the patroness of dragons, so I may have kind of used this as leverage. She was understandably angry... But anyway, back to what I saw. He told me witches were held in a fair bit of high regard (I guess since Hecate is both the dragon's patroness and the goddess of witches). He taught me about different kinds of dragons. He told me that the chaos dragons were creatures born from chaos magick and thus, were born from the imagination of witches into reality. I'm guessing that he was only talking about a certain sub-species of the chaos dragons. They were black and purple in color, and there was some kind of fog surrounding them which made it hard to see their structure. The only way I know their color is by the color of the fog. I left, but after telling him goodbye and asking him what his name was. He responded with something like Hrogthrag or Hrogthrak or something to that effect. I'm not sure if this was real or imagined, but it felt quite real. When I got there, I often felt headaches at the start whenever the dragon got angry, and when Hecate got angry too. I felt grass or something tickling my feet (I imagined something along the lines of grass on the ground) at certain times. It felt quite vivid. Is this an actual experience or just a product of my own imagination? Also, this dragon told me he was my guardian? Not a guide, a guardian. I know that a lot of people have some kind of guardian angel or some spirit guardian, but is it possible I might have made up the whole experience. It felt so real. This happened at night, by the way, waning gibbous in my zodiac sign. Could I have imagined the whole thing?

May 02, 2021
Also, how do you
manage to make line breaks since I just noticed how disorganized this paragraph is (btw, the br thing is me trying to use some html code to see if it helps)

May 02, 2021
It looks like html code is the way to go for formatting in these sorts of comments. And as to your event, even though ultimately the genuine-ness of what you described is up to you, it does give an air of authenticity to me. Dragons have a lot of variety in attitudes, but the feeling one gets from them tends to be more universal. Especially from older/wiser ones.
One intuition that pops into mind, early on when the dragon stated you wouldn't be able to 'go on' unless you walked a dragon path; It feels more like an invitation than a threat. Sort of a ''If you want to learn more, then walk the path and we'll see where it takes you.'
Also, Dragons have an intensity of energy and overall vibration that can be like being in an energy bath just by being near them. Especially if you aren't accustomed to the experience. Sudden rushes of energy can feel like a head rush, especially if it is focused on the third eye and crown. It can feel like heat and swelling, as if you are being thrown wide open. At once uplifting and (at first) mildly uncomfortable.
OH, and a final thought about the name. The sound and syllable pattern makes me think of old Nordic or Scandinavian names. I doubt either version of the name is actually tied with specific Nordic/Germania names or words but it might be worth a tad of research. You might be able to glean some useful elements at least. Otherwise, perhaps take some time to consider if you are feeling 'called' towards a path involving Dragons, and whether or not you would feel comfortable with accepting such a journey. Fair warning... it can be intense, and starts out with a lot of focus on the Self and deep personal growth so be prepared for some emotional dirt digging. But what you learn about yourself, and what you gain by keeping a willingness to hold yourself up to a mirror with honest eyes and love in heart, can be well worth it. It is like a cross between emotional boot camp and honors courses.

May 03, 2021
Thanks Spirit76. I actually googled the name (which is also a name being used in the next book of my favorite series. Coincidence? Probably). Anyway, it's supposed to be about a deity or spirit that represents the home and security.
And by the way, chaos dragon studies were as far as I got before wanting to leave (I often have random lapses during sessions like these where I just want to be left alone. It's not really that uncommon for me to want someone to leave or to leave some place, so it's not really that weird for me. I guess I just feel awkward). Anyway, the dragon seemed pretty fine with me wanting to leave, but gave me his name after I asked him too before leaving.

May 03, 2021
The main reason why I'm starting out on this journey is curiosity (it binds a person tighter than a silver chain). But I guess I've always wanted to work with dragons in one way or another (feng shui, transformation, egregores and servitors in the shapes of dragons, etc)

two questions when I call out do I have to do so with confidence and would it still work if I don't memorize the exact words but say something along the lines of it?

Apr 21, 2022
Being able to speak with confidence, or at least conviction, is helpful. Though that doesn't necessarily mean speaking loudly or with aggression. Just speak clearly, and be certain of your words as you speak them. It helps greatly to plan ahead, especially if you want to change the wording. Practice what you want to say, and consider why you want to say it. Make sure the meaning of your words s in line with the purpose/goal you have set yourself.

It helps to write down the words and read it out a few times. Give it a day or two, then read them again and see if they still feel right. Don't rush the process. Take your time and savour it. Mull things over. Get comfortable and familiar with the process. -Then- go about your task.

This feels a little incomplete, but as a meditation to connect with a dragon, it is plausible.

@Nekoshema, if I want a Nordic dragon, would it help to be playing Nordic music in the background

Nov 07, 2022
Generally speaking, a guide will come in the form you need rather than the form you desire. More often than not the form of guide you connect with is in itself a message- or at least fuel for reflection.
If you want genuine personal benefit then be less concerned on what form you want/expect and more focused on the goals and growth you want to achieve. Otherwise you could end up blocking out the guide you are meant to work with inadvertantly. ...As a good friend of mine once put it; You will never find the fox that is here to teach you if you spend your time searching for wolves who won't.

Nov 08, 2022
Thanks Spirit76, because I am fairly new and will need a lot more help in the future

Nov 08, 2022
And would it help to be in a quiet nature setting

Nov 08, 2022
That's not how this works. Your guide is a Dragon that is there to spiritually guide you along your journey. You don't collect them and you don't walk up to The Ruling Dragons and go ''I'll take a Norse one.'' Your guide has already been determined for you. That isn't to say everyone has a guide, but it means where you are on your journey, how you learn, and what you need to grow determined the spiritual link between you and your guide, not what type you want. [this isn't pokemon where you choose your starter, you go on a journey and the Dragon appears before you] With all of that said, you can use Nordic music in your ritual if it helps you [same with a natural setting, whatever you feel best connects you to the ritual, go with that] and you might meet a Nordic Dragon during your practice who can help you. You might even befriend this Dragon, but it doesn't mean they're your guide. Some people don't have guides and are guided by various Dragons at various points in their journey. Your guide will tell you they are your guide. Unless a Dragon says the words ''I am your Dragon Guide'' don't assume they're your guide. [the same can be true for deities or any spiritual being, unless you both agree to something, like swearing an oath, don't assume you'll always be with that spirit]

Nov 08, 2022
Thanks Nekoshema

Is it better to perform this spell during astral projection instead of meditation? Because how will I know what's something my brain made up in visualization vs. what's actually real?

I have a question do You need to realy close your eyes for it I don't know if its needed but i am good at maladaptive day dreaming and visualize and try for the first time at work to dont know if my mind made up but yeah how know if the dragon is there sorry for my english

May 11, 2023
Whatever's more comfortable for you is what you'd use [it's a way to block out the physical and tune inward] If you know you have maladaptive daydreaming, try and disconcern between the present moment and the daydream [you might consider mindfulness meditations to help you ground yourself] so, unfortunately, I can't tell you if what you saw was real or your imagination, you need to learn how to sense the difference.

Hello, I did this and I don't know if it was my imagination or real please someone clear me up, thank you. I did this and enter the cave I saw a female black dragon with three dragon eggs, she was nice to me, at first she thought I am a threat but I told her I am not and then she backed off and went to her eggs and then I felt someone is behind me, it was a dark blue with some golden color male dragon, it was pretty angry and seems offended I notice his anger but he didn't do anything but I could tell he wanted me to leave the cave, I leave the cave and went to the river near to the cave but I heard someone told me ''Do not drink the water in the river.'' I ask who is it? but no one answered me, as I wanted to stop meditation, the voice told me to not stop and keep walking and I did as it told me and after walking I saw a silver/grey dragon and I got scared and I was in shock, but he was not angry or calm or like the black female dragon who seemed nice. it was kinda playful and devilish, his eyes were totally white like milky eyes and his neck was like a snake (it was long) and it circled around me as I felt he is enjoying my confusion, he was quite playful and mysterious, and he told me to follow him and I did and we got into a cottage, I asked his name but he told me he doesn't want to tell me and I respected him, we didn't talk a much but he told me you are surprised I am like this and I said yes and I asked him if he is blind but it seems I offended him even though he was not angry or sad but seems disappointed, I told him I am sorry and then things got awkward and I wanted to leave without making things more bad or awkward and not offend or insult him, but he told me I can be there and we tried to make things right and then I farewell and we he told me maybe next time and I said it too and I back...I still feel maybe he is upset at me and doesn't want me or something like this. maybe I end the meditation so soon, but I don't know if it was real or just my imagination, they were talking normally and not on a riddle, maybe I did the wrong thing, please if someone can clear me up, thank you.

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