Angel/Demon Creation

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A method on how to create your very own angel or demon who'll do anything and everything you ask of it.

Casting Instructions for 'Angel/Demon Creation'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Holy tonic (see:
  • Experience with using energy.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Holy tonic (see:
  • Experience with using energy.
To tell you what an angel actually is, they're similar to servitors, but draw holy energy from the goddess Iada. Demons are a bit different in that they operate on demonic energy. Do not do this just for fun. these are individuals, and will turn against you if you mistreat or abuse them for too long.

Angels are spiritual creatures, and thus lack physical bodies, but I do assure you they're very very real!

alright. here are the instructions for creating your angel or demon:

Drink a cup of the tonic before all else. If you are making a demon, you can skip this step altogether.

next you take your energy, and begin forming it into a diamond shaped seed.

as you form the seed, think of what qualities, personality, traits, powers, and what gender you want it to have.

when that is done, say the words: ''caw nee taw faw.'' this will complete the seed.

and now what you do is put the seed into your mouth, and swallow it down.

and in a week, your angel or demon will be born.


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umm how will it be born exactly?

i can assume it depends on gender of you if your a female the same way a real human is bon for males im assuming it is much different

You cannot create an angel or demon. They are spiritual beings you can work with. The closest you can come to creating a being would be a thoughtform, tulpa, servator, or other energy form. These would be an extension of your energy, which vanishes once the energy is used. It is not a real angel or demon. This spell is utter nonsense.

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