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Name: SelenaShade
Birthday: Apr 12 2005
Location: hideing in my room watching anime
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 08 Apr 2020
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so a little about me im in highschool
fav food places: Chinese buffet
fav drink: hot coco or something sweet
i love animals
patron goddess:bast
like guys or girls: guys
i follow the left hand path
anyway i love talking to people so feel free to chat with me
i love anime
i am a writer
i listen to nightcore music
i sleep a lot and enjoy cuddles
i love billie eillish
i listen to skillet and others to the music i listen to fluctuatts depending on my mood
ive had martial arts training and can kick some serious ass
White- I want a relationship with you
Green- I'm falling for you
Purple- I miss you
Orange- I really like you
Pink- I love you
Yellow- you're amazing
Blue- you're friendly
Grey- we need to talk more
Silver- I want to get to know you better
Red- you're awesome
Black- I hate you
Hot pink- have my babies
Sky blue- you're pretty/handsome
Dark grey- Meh
Royal purple- kiss me
Blueberry- cuddle with me
Royal blue- hug me
Blood red- I want you as my slave
Ruby red- wanna chat