Emotional Improvement

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A spell to improve your emotional well being, for when your depressed for example.

Casting Instructions for 'Emotional Improvement'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle-Red
  • Stone(s) to amplify energies-Red Jasper, Hematite and Quartz point to amplify energies greatly.
  • Herb(s)-Pepper (Regular)
  • Parchment Paper or Regular paper
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle-Red
  • Stone(s) to amplify energies-Red Jasper, Hematite and Quartz point to amplify energies greatly.
  • Herb(s)-Pepper (Regular)
  • Parchment Paper or Regular paper

Meditate so you can form energy, because all spells need your own energy because otherwise they won't work as well as you may think or even may not work at all.

Cast the Circle and Call the Elements and invoke your chosen Deity that corresponds with Happiness or Joy. As said previously if you have not chosen a Pantheon yet then invoke Hathor. Now, get your candle (red) and hold it in your hands and visualize the energy that you gathered from meditation going into the candle, then when your done with that dress the candle with the herb you must dress the herb up the candle because that symbolizes bringing something in(pepper).

Light the candle and visualize within the flame that your goal is complete, so you would visualize yourself happy, then get your piece of paper and write what you want the invoked deity to do for you. Then what you want to do is fold the paper toward you, then turn it clockwise and fold it toward you again. What you need to do then is burn the piece of paper while chanting. Underneath if you have not chosen a pantheon I will put the invocation of Hathor, then chant:

"Great goddess, Hathor.
I ask that you bring
Your presence to this room.
Upon this night,
Help me with my magic
Fulfill my intention
Offerings I will leave to you.
All I ask is your help
So mote it be"

Then chant:

"Upon this blessed night
With Goddess Hathor's might
Great Goddess, hear my plea
Courage from you is what I seek.
Expel emotion and negativity
Fill me with confidence, pride,
This is my plea
So mote it be"

Leave an offering to Hathor after the spell has worked okay, if you don't have anything suitable as an offering then simply write on a piece of paper:

"Thank you Goddess Hathor for helping me
with my spell".

Then burn the paper in a candle, fire or whatever so that your messaged will be sent to the heavens.


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Hathor is a wise choice for this spell, but if you've never worked with her it's like walking up to a stranger and asking for help. there's a high chance they'll ignore you. Hathor is pretty friendly, so if you're nice she'll probably assist you, but i would defiantly get her an offering instead of just a thank you card [rose, cow figures, myrtle, mirrors, sweet/floral incense or perfume, beauty products, red, or turquoise colours, gold]

Jun 21, 2020
Question , do u know by any chance if u can mix gods or goddesses from diffrent mythologies ? It sounds weird but here me out . You know how people can work with multiple gods or goddesses , right ? Well my question is , can u work with a god from two diffrent mythologys ( for example , can u work with both Aphrodite who is ( as u know ) from greek mythology and Hathor ( as u also know ) is from Egyptian mythology ?

Jun 21, 2020
Absolutely. I work with deities from different pantheons all the time [my main three are Celtic, Germanic and Egyptian] You might want to consider if the deities are from cultures that were usually at war with each other or have different temperaments as this has been an issue for some people, but there's no rule saying you can't. I would have their own specific ritual space [granted, if they all get along, you could have one large altar, but I would keep offerings separate] I would also work with one at a time at the beginning instead of calling on seven at once [in the future, you could work with seven or more, but it's like making a new friend. Better one on one instead of getting to know a bunch of people at once] and don't dedicate yourself to a deity until down the line you have a connection. Dedication's are like marriage, don't assume you've met the one after your second date. [of the three I work with, I'm only dedicated to one. I've worked with her on and off since I was 17, the other two I've worked with one for seven years and the other five]

Sep 03, 2021
(Sorry, I'm still kind of new) How do you gain a god/goddesses trust? (what I mean is when you said 'but if you've never worked with her it's like walking up to a stranger and asking for help. there's a high chance they'll ignore you', how would you gain her trust? Is it offerings?)

Sep 04, 2021
Simply introduce yourself. If you have a general interest in working with a specific deity, research them, then introduce yourself. Researching lets you know about them, their future, what they like/dislike, and how best to worship them. Once you're ready, cast a circle, set up a little altar to them [or, go somewhere they like, for example, crossroads for Hecate] say hello, introduce yourself, explain why you wish to work with them, leave an offering and wait for an answer. An answer can come in many forms and can take a while to receive. The first Goddess I worked with gave me an ''okay'' right away [but that's a long story] my second Goddess took roughly 24 hours and it wasn't verbal. I was eating lunch alone when suddenly, the room seemed brighter, I felt someone hug me, and this overwhelming feeling of joy washed over me and I knew it was her. The first God I reached out to came to me a few days later as I was walking in the woods. My first Goddess [who is my matron Goddess] when she came back, it was less subtle and more kicking down a door and telling me she's back [again, long story] Recently, a new God has reached out to me, but it's subtle, hence the need to be observant [mindfulness meditations help] I gave my matron Goddess an offering last Yule and she seems rather unhappy but I couldn't tell why. Through January, odd things kept happening, I could sense a strange presence [not evil, but it was odd. I'm used to spirits coming and going, so I just ignored it] things kept disappearing or breaking, and I kept seeing strange patterns [like things reoccurring that normally didn't and being interested in researching stuff I hated] Eventually, I asked my Goddess and she was all ''oh, now you ask me?! yeah, this God stole my gift for his wife because they were passing through and she liked it'' So, now I'm working with this God because he liked my space and wanted to stay. [note, you don't have to, I was interested in working with him, so once I got confirmation, I agreed to work with him. You can always say no, and they can say no as well. Also, deities can come and go. Think of your friends, some you're closer with, others you see occasionally]

Sep 04, 2021
Thanks! One more question, which god/goddess would you say is easiest to talk to? (and gain the trust of)

May 04, 2022
Nice info, I will remember this information, Thank you

This is just the spell I needed.

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